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We Need To Learn To Read The Signs

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Medieval Philosophers loved to say – “You should learn to read the signs!”. Indeed, the world is full of symbols and signs and all we need to do is learn how to recognize them.

There is a skull sign on the transformer stations warning us to keep away! If you see the same sign on a bottle, again, you would know not to drink its content.

When we notice the speed limit sign – we reduce the speed, because no one wants to be in an accident or get a ticket. The sign with spoon, fork and a bed on it means that there is a place nearby where you can eat and rest.

All of these a clear, conventional and easily recognizable signs. But, what happens with the more subtle ones that always seem to slip our eye.

Signs have been there since forever. Everything that happens around us is a sign.  And when our subconsciousness is focused on solving some important problem, it will carefully focus our attention on the necessary signs.

You are on a bus, overhearing a meaningless conversation between passengers, and you suddenly hear the answer to you inner question. Or they broadcast a show discussing the same topic you were just thinking about.

Or something bad happens to you after talking to a person who didn’t have the best intention towards you – in this situation, it was not a very useful communication.

The Romans, if they tripped over the threshold in the morning, they would stay at home, and even postpone important things for the next day. For them this was a sign.

They believed that their subconscious mind was telling them that, that day, it was going to be difficult to resolve the problem positively because there is not enough strength to fight – a man is not ready yet. Even his legs are giving up.

The world is a book

Sometimes, to understand what to do, we just need to focus on solving the problem – and the answer will come through events and signs.

It is of extreme importance not to focus on the bad – if you do, you will only see bed. If you are expecting a positive outcome  – you will get it.

Everything depends on our attention; of the way our subconscious mind operates – the words in the book are one and the same, but our brain interprets them and gives us suggestions.

Bad signs do not exist – there are warnings. Good signs tell us that we are ready to solve the problem, the subconsciousness is properly focused, the power of will is there!

The world is a good book that is best when read with an open heart and in a good mood – then you will read and understand everything the right way…

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