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This Is What September’s Major Astrological Events Have In Store For Us

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by Conscious Reminder

September 2021 is signaling that change is coming. The month will see summer ending and the final time Mercury will go retrograde this year.

The planetary dramas of the month will have an impact on everything – from love lives to social circles.

The month will start with the 2021 Virgo Season at full blast. In the middle of the month, there may be some shake-ups in our energy. Once the 2021 Libra Season starts, our social and love lives will be the top priority.

Then the airy energy of Libra will help in bringing understanding and harmony to relationships. Then, Mercury retrograde will be back, throwing things off balance.

6th September: A New Moon For Cleansing & Virgo Vibes

Most of the 2021 Virgo Season takes place during the starting weeks of September. Our focus will be on wellness, organizing, and refining our routines. The season of Virgo is the perfect time for cleaning every nook and cranny in life, so your sparkle is on full display.

On 6th September, the Virgo New Moon will bless us with an extra dose of earthy energy. There will also be a trine between Uranus, the moon, and the Sun forming. The hopeful and forward-focused vibes will inspire us to plan practically for a future that will be exciting.

The Sex & Love Planets Will Bring Shifts In Relationships Mid-Month

Mars, the sex planet, and Venus, the romance planet will both switch signs in the middle of the month. This will produce a collective shift in our personal energies through the remainder of September – particularly with regard to relationships. On 10th September, Venus will be entering Scorpio and so love will get deeply intimate and emotional. This is the time for diving underneath the surface and finding the hidden truth in our desires.

On 14th September, Mars will be entering Libra. Fiery Mars does not exactly get along with sweet Libra. So be careful of being indecisive about your expectations from relationships. The positive side is that our sex life might get more balanced.

20th September: A Full Moon Filled With Dreams

The lunar climax of September will bring some huge emotions. The Full Moon of September 2021 (also called the Harvest Moon) will rise in sensitive Pisces. So our sentimentality will be higher than usual. As it is summer’s final lunation, it will ask us to get rid of the emotional baggage of summer. This is all to make room for processing the upcoming changes.

22nd September: The Equinox In Fall & Libra Season

On 22nd September, Libra Season will start. The zodiac energy of Libra is justice-oriented, romantic, and social. So it is an ideal time to try a bit harder in partnerships. Also, it is a good time for bringing more harmony and peace to the world surrounding you and yourself.

This astrological entry is also aligning itself with the 2021 fall equinox, which marks autumn’s first day. It is an ideal time for finding personal equilibrium and strengthening social connections.

27th September: The Final Retrograde Of Mercury In 2021

This is possibly the worst news of September. On 27th September, Mercury will begin to retrograde in Libra where it will remain until 18th October.

This retrograde will increase the likelihood of miscommunications in love lives. Expect unresolved drama in interpersonal relationships to return. So try balancing your point of view and approach issues from every side before taking the final decision.

But there is good news too. This will be 2021’s final Mercury Retrograde. So once the coming few weeks are over, there will be some respite for some time. 

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