If You’re Experiencing Any Of These Things, Then You Might Just Be Haunted

by Aaliya Bilal

Ghosts aren’t always detectable, but there are some great ways they let us know of their presence. If you’e experienced any of this, chances are that you might be haunted.

The paranormal has always been a subject of curiosity for humans. Does another plain exist on which the dead can communicate with the living? We watch a lot of scary movies but nothing can prepare us for when we really do stumble upon the unexplainable.

Many folks don’t believe in ghosts because seeing is believing. But what if we told you that you can feel the presence of a ghost? Well, here are a few tell-tale signs that can indicate you being haunted.

1. Creepy sounds

You often hear people telling you about how they heard footsteps or banging coming from a place when they’re the only souls around. A lot of the times, when a ghost is trying to get your attention, it’ll resort to making sudden sounds.

They’re often very subtle and go unnoticed, but over time, it becomes unbearable. Knocking, banging, footsteps, dragging, scratching, you name it. Whatever gets your attention is what the ghost will do.

2. Furniture starts moving around

You think you saw the door slowly swing close? Think again! Ghosts often love to give you a clue of their presence with doors, windows, cupboards. How? By swinging them open or slamming them shut. Okay, so it’s not always as scary as a loud bang. It can just be a gentle nudge.

Sometimes, even chairs aren’t in their usual spot, and you often see that rocking chair rocking on its own. You usually brush it off by thinking that it was probably the wind or gentle breeze. But take note of how often it happens. There might be a ghost trying to reach out to you.

3. Flickering lights

When our electronics start fluctuating, we usually chalk it down to voltage fluctuations. When the flickering and fluctuations can be noted throughout the house, that’s when you need to worry. Ghosts are attracted to anything that has a strong electromagnetic field. They find it easy to communicate through this method.

4. Drop in temperature

An unexplainable drop in temperature can indicate the presence of a ghost. These temperature drops apparently occur due to the manifestation of a spirit. It is believed that a spirit draws out the energy in its environment when it manifests itself into the physical world.

5. Cold spots

A ‘cold spot’ is a drop in temperature at one concentrated location. Usually, this is when a ghost is concentrating in one particular location, draining the energy out of there.

6. A lingering feeling of not being alone

Humans are sensitive to energies. Sometimes, when you get the feeling that you are not alone, ride on that hunch because chances are that you are right. When you tune into that feeling, it’s your body tapping into someone else’s energy.

7. Goosebumps

We usually get goosebumps for two reasons. One, is if the temperature drops suddenly, and the second reason is if there’s a threat about. It’s the body’s way to making you respond to a threat. People say that when there’s an unseen entity about, your body usually reacts with goosebumps. So next time its warm and sunny and you feel a sudden shiver down your spine, you’ll know why that is.

8. Shadows and apparitions

You know how you could swear you saw something dart about from the corner of your eye? That’s a shadow or an apparition that is beginning to form. They’re either misty or dark, luminous or shadowy. Something vaguely identifiable.

9. Strange Smells

There’s an old wives tale that says bad smells tend to come from evil spirits while the good smells are because there are good spirits about. It’s often said that ghosts give out the scent of their fondest memory or the most painful one.

10. Whispers and voices

Soft, unrecognizable chatter, whispering, hearing your name, it can all be associated with being haunted. This usually occurs in very specific places in the area which is haunted.

11. Animal instinct

Animals have the sixth sense and can pick up on things that humans can’t. If you catch your little fluffer staring intently at a particular spot, then you should be warned, it may be a ghost lurking about.

12. Time-sensitive hauntings

Most ghosts apparently are stuck in this realm due to a traumatic death or certain unfinished business. Sometimes, hauntings occur like echoes. It is believed that hosts are tied to a specific time because that is when they died.

Do you have any cool theories that can explain a haunting? Let us know by sharing your experiences in the comments.

Source: thedailynet

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