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Numerology Says 2019 Is All About Creation And Reinventing Yourself

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by Conscious Reminder

It’s New Year – we have cleansed our souls from the past and now we are dashing towards whole new opportunities. Numerology shows that 2019 represents the 3 Universal Year – it’s time to believe in yourself and be creative.

It arrives with the promise to give your creative space the freedom and opportunities to innovate without worries. Creativity is the making of something new and you can create anything – from writing a masterpiece or just accepting who you are. It’s all about looking at the world is a new way, transforming it as a whole.

Become the leader of creativity for others and for yourself

2019 is a creative year for everyone. As you express yourself creatively, you inspire others to be creative too. A chain of creative expression begins with you. Make sure it doesn’t stop. Go wild with your imagination. Have fun experimenting, find the happiness in what you do and fuse yourself with your creative side.

Be passionate

The year 3 represents growth. The initial fruits of labor can be seen in this year. The energy investments that you have made, your past labor and passion will slowly bear fruit this year. How are you going to use this fruit? 3 represents the Empress, a symbol for pleasure, luxury, and fertility. Find a way to spread your love. You have found the first fruits of your passion – share it with others. Make the world a better place

Changing the world

The year 3 enhances communication. It’s the best time when you could be more open to expressing yourself – to be vulnerable. You know that words can transform the world. Be that change. Think before you speak and speak wisely. Make sure you are spreading optimism and not hate. If someone is unhappy, compliment them. If someone is afraid to express themselves, cheer them up. Be vulnerable on your side too – you are human, be proud of your vulnerabilities. Think about the ways you can bring happiness into the world. Be the light.

5 Suggestions to use in 2019

1. Be a support system

2019 is the year of creative expression. If we are capable of expressing something, naturally, there will be others who will create their own expression. We should support each other in our creativity. Supporting others creates a collective force, and then, miracles can happen! We need to accept others as well as ourselves as a team – a support system.

2. Permit yourself

Don’t force yourself, be courageous, and follow what your heart wants. Permit yourself to say no. Say ‘yes’ if your heart so desires. Don’t get carried away with the flow. If you are watching an Oscar-winning film and not finding the magic in it, switch it off. If your job has become boring, go out through the door. You can survive – just take the brave decision and see which direction it leads you towards.

3. Don’t let your incomplete projects sit

Do you often make the same goal again and again every year but fail to see it getting completed? Something or the other comes up and the project is delayed. Don’t postpone it again. Put all your creative energy in that direction – make it happen! It’s time to create solutions to pending problems and to look forward to the new ones.

4. Understand your creative side

Creativity is a loaded term. We often use it with ‘artists’ but creativity can be in all kinds of things. Explore yourself, understand in which area your creativity bursts out. Are you creative with conversations? Can you make jokes? Be open-minded and explore where your passion leads.

5. Be a ‘Yes’ Person

Saying ‘no’ all the time is keeping you inside a comfort zone. But life begins when you go outside your comfort zone. It’s like in the movie Yes Man. Starring Jim Carrey, the hero says ‘no’ to everything after a tough breakup but then he attends a session by a motivational speaker who urges the audience to say ‘yes’ to everything. What follows is a life-changing experience for Jim Carrey. Now, it might sound really dramatic, but the movie is symbolic. Saying YES to everything puts you into the game, into activities you were uncomfortable with. It will bring about a personality shift, and it will boost your creative side as you try to find a solution to a brand-new problem – outside your comfort zone.

2019 will be an amazing season. Be open to new opportunities and don’t let anything hold you back. Be your creator. Realize who you are and build yourself as a whole new person.

Happy New Year!

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