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How To Forgive Yourself And Leave The Past Behind

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by Conscious Reminder

Can You Give Yourself The Gift Of Forgiveness?

If we can view life minus all the fantasies, we will be more accepting of the many lows it brings. Unexpected challenges, being hurt by close ones, unplanned rejections, and many more are our constant companions on this journey. If we can revel in the highs life has to offer, should we not be humble enough to accept the lows?

Life will throw many things at us. It is up to us whether we become a victim or use those as our stepping stones. Our choices dictate our reality, but we often resent those decisions in retrospect. If you find yourself haunted by your past decisions, you have to give yourself the gift of forgiveness. Here are four easy steps to forgive yourself:

1. Let Go Of The Past

You have to work with your emotions and heal yourself. Let go of thoughts that disturb your inner peace. First, you have to give those thoughts and emotions their due acknowledgment and let consciously choose to let it all go. That includes abandoning all past rage and negativity associated with those past events.

2. Have Faith

Find solace in the thought that the Univers, a higher power, or whatever you believe in, is looking out for you. Surrender to this power, and you’ll be a step closer to giving yourself the gift of forgiveness. Whatever has happened was a part of the plan, and it has contributed to your growth.

3. Beyond The Negativity

Transcend the negativity related to situations. You have to realize that you are greater than all your inconveniences. Your past refines your present, not define you. Learn from your mistakes and rise above the negativity it has brought in your life.

4. Grow

The final step towards forgiving yourself is to be more evolves. You have to let both positive and negative experiences contribute to your growth. Find inspiration even in your hardships. Only when you can find the light in that darkness can you truly evolve and forgive yourself.

The journey of life brings many gifts. We may not like all of them, but they all have a role to play. Don’t deny your experiences, learn from them. You will find the power within to forgive yourself.

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