Don’t Ignore These 4 Signs Of Transcendental Enlightenment

by Conscious Reminder

The world is a place made up of connections. All living things are connected in one way or another, but it takes a spiritually awake person to realize this fact to its fullest extent.

This understanding is profound, and it can cause peoples’ lives to change drastically. If you’re spiritually awake (aka transcendentally enlightened), chances are that you’ve experienced some of these symptoms before.

If you’re in the course of your spiritual awakening, you can expect to experience a few of these symptoms for yourself. It doesn’t mean that these will all pertain to you, but know that these five symptoms are fairly common.

1. You Find Metaphysics Incredible

If you have a newly found interest in the metaphysical world or even the paranormal, you could be on the path toward spiritual awakening.

This is significant because traditional education won’t spend very much time explaining this part of the world to students. Pursuing this interest on your own is a sign that you understand something bigger is going on behind the scenes.

2. You Find No Importance In Material Things

Another sign that you’re going through a spiritual awakening is that you take material matters less seriously.

What used to concern you in this world no longer matters as much; you have an understanding of something much more powerful. People around you will tell you that this is laziness or a dangerous way to be, but it’s actually the opposite. We’ve created the material world, but you’re concerned with something that’s been around longer than we have.

3. You Are Showing Increased Levels Of Empathy

Empathy is simply a sign of connection. When you realize that all living things are connected in one way or another, you start to open yourself up to their feelings; you can actually experience their emotions. This can be overwhelming if you don’t learn to control it, but it’s also something important to hold onto.

When you open yourself to the possibility of a spiritual world or connection, you’ll start to feel this energy through a physical manifestation. Don’t shut it out, even if it’s unnerving, let it flow through you.

4. You Aren’t Afraid of Death Anymore

Death is a common fear because most people don’t understand it. It’s a complex subject, and most people don’t want to dwell on something that perceive as negative. However, for the spiritually awakened, death poses no threat because they know it’s only transitional state and not the end.

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