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You Can Expect To Experience These 50 Signs Of Quantum Upgrades This Month

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

With the opening of the Trinity Super Moon Gateway, none of us can be sure of our paths at the moment.

Vibrations are at increased frequencies and are powerful enough to align our energies to the fifth dimensions.

All sorts of exciting change is set to happen. If you wish to know whether it is happening to you, watch out for these signs.

1. Your body is aching but you also feel more loose and flexible.

2. You may feel extremely tired but you look more youthful than before.

3. There are erratic changes in your sleep cycle and you end up falling asleep whenever you think you need it.

4. A ripple is visible all around you.

5. You become increasingly aware of the existence of unique individual experiences.

6. The change in your life becomes even more visible.

7. There is synchronicity everywhere.

8. You get intense vibrations from others that either attract or repel you.

9. Needing isolation.

10. Removing yourself from social networks.

11. Tuning out all the negativity in the rest of the world.

12. Feeling repulsion when you see non-vegetarian food.

13. Disorientation every time you wake up.

14. Feeling tired even after rest.

15. Sharp focus on how beautiful earth is.

16. Connections with all other creatures on the planet.

17. You’re in tune with even the smallest shift in weather patterns.

18. A new found interest in celestial bodies.

19. Your daily schedule anchors but also overwhelms you.

20. Life suddenly feels surreal.

21. Looking for some peace in order to meditate.

22. Finding interest in all sorts of subjects that you never paid attention to before.

23. Acute sensitivity to sound.

24. Suddenly quitting things you’ve done for a long time.

25. Being more spontaneous

26. Oscillating between being compassionate and frustrated that people around you are unaware of the changes.

27. Your head begins to hurt whenever you look at the television.

28. All kinds of technology break down around you.

29. Your peripheral vision becomes stronger.

30. The third eye opens and causes your eyes to feel weary.

31. You find yourself randomly analyzing events of the past.

32. There are instances when your energy is boosted.

33. But at the same time, daily activities might become difficult because your energy fluctuates.

34. You can sense your link to the thrumming of the universe.

35. You just go with the rhythm and everything around you goes on without a hitch.

36. The working of karma becomes visible to you.

37. A need to eat only organic foods.

38. Feeling the urge to keep yourself fit.

39. There are times when it’s almost like you’re invisible to others.

40. A rising sense of anticipation that some major change is coming.

41. The truth is in front of you.

42. Seeing people as they are, even your closest friends.

43. Toxic individuals suddenly try to crush you because they are unable to bear the lightness of your being.

44. Noticing invisible beings everywhere you go.

45. Learning about aliens that might exist.

46. Sensing the vibes around people without having to look at them.

47. You just know what is going to happen sometimes.

48. You can feel your chakra spiral.

49. Build up of pressure in the ears.

50. You believe in the existence of all things magical.

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