Russian Subway Will Give You A Free Ticket If You Do 30 Squats In Under 2 Mins

by Conscious Reminder

Getting some exercise everyday is harder than one might think. With the economy being the way it is, there is always a lot to do and that barely leaves any space for exercise or actually looking after our bodies and our physical well being.

Exercise and sports cease to be a part of our lives once we graduate out of high school and this is why obesity and heart diseases have increased so much in the last few years. Even then, there has not been any significant change in the daily lifestyle of the people and this is why the Olympic committee of Russia did what it did.

When the Olympics were being hosted by Russia, the committee thought that all the citizens should incorporate some sport or some kind of exercise in their daily life but what could they do to make that happen?

They could advise the citizens; but there is never any guarantee that the citizens would actually work on that advice so they came up with another interesting idea- how about the citizens get free stuff for exercising? No one would ever deny that!

Cut to the Vystavochaya train station, where a machine was installed which gave free tickets to whoever did three reps of squats within two minutes!

Now I know that this sounds like too much to do for just a train ticket but think about the benefits! Doing these squats every time you travel by train will help you get into exercising and make it an everyday habit. If you do not find the time to exercise at home- do not worry! You know where you will be able to get a stronger body.

And when someone takes on the challenge, everyone in the station gathers around them and they are cheered and clapped for! You would be doing three things if you take up the challenge: getting some exercise, getting a free ticket and entertaining a bunch of people. That sounds pretty cool, if you ask me.

Another benefit is that you do not have to count your squats manually as the machine does the job for you. It also makes sure that you do the squats correctly and only counts them when your posture is the way it should be while doing squats. So basically, if you do them right, you get to ride the train free but if you get them wrong, well, you know you have to pay for the ticket.

Now, you might think that not a lot of people would actually attempt to do this and even if they did, they would not succeed but you could not have been more wrong. People were immensely interested and thought that it was a great idea!

The whole free train ride idea excited them and a lot of people tried their hands at it. The squats were done and some free tickets were issued, no questions asked!

Something like this would be pretty useful for countries like the United States of America, where the obesity rates are sky high and eating habits are pretty unhealthy. It could be a great tool to help people exercise and start taking care of their bodies.

The videos below show how successful it was and how wonderfully the Olympics committee had started to make exercise a part of the people’s everyday life.

However, this practice was discontinued because free tickets do not really help the railway industry but it did what it had to do- people made sports and physical activity a part of their lives.

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