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Everything Changes When You Look Within

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I’m used to writing on a computer every day, and being without one for a while taught me that nothing in this world is permanent. Even if we think we’ll always have something, it could be gone in an instant, leaving us to wonder what happened and how we can get it back.

We won’t always get back what we lose, and going without something we’re used to can teach us a valuable lesson about dependence on external things. I need a computer to write so this example doesn’t quite apply to me, but you can apply it to nearly anything in life.

Let’s say you have a car you love that usually works fine and doesn’t give you any problems, but you walk out to go to work one day and discover you can’t drive it because of some kind of malfunction (flat tire, the engine’s overheating, etc.)

You can have it repaired, but if the problem’s drastic enough, it might take a while and you might be left without transportation.

Now, let’s say your work is close enough to your home to walk or ride a bicycle. You never considered walking to work before, but now, you have no choice.

You might dread the walk at first and you might be upset that you can’t drive like you’re used to, but what if you realize along the way that the walk features some beautiful scenery?

You never paid attention to the nature all around when you drove right past it at 30 or 40 mph, but now, it’s as if the world is showing you a whole new side of itself.

When you do get your car repaired or, heaven forbid, have to buy a new one, you might decide to walk or ride your bike to work every day because the walk isn’t as long as you thought and you’d rather get a little exercise while enjoying nature and helping the environment.

You’ll have empowered yourself by relying on yourself instead of your car, and you’ll have discovered a world you didn’t know existed in the process.

This example doesn’t apply in winter time when it’s too cold to get out and walk or ride (or for those who live far away from their job), but there are plenty of other examples that are all centered on self-empowerment and breaking our reliance on the external world.

I’m not trying to tell you how to live, and you can rely on things outside of yourself if you want because this is our life to live exactly how we choose. You might end up unhappy in the end, however, and the solution to your dissatisfaction will only reveal itself when you’re open to it.

If you aren’t, it’s pointless for the solution to reveal itself because you won’t give it a chance. Only when we’re ready can we be open to any potential solution, and it all comes down to our choices and our openness (or lack thereof).

Freewill is everything, and we create negative and positive circumstances depending on what we think, feel, say and do in every moment.

If we want to create more positive circumstances, it helps to be open to our higher consciousness so we can discover our flowing inner gifts. Then, we can find myriad unique solutions to our biggest problems.

Even if we don’t find a solution, we can approach the problem from a different angle; as in the case of the ‘broken car’ example.

Giving more attention to our inner being than the external world will not only allow us to reduce our reliance on the external, but find unexpected solutions and apply them in creative and inventive ways.

This is why I enjoy writing, music and other forms of creativity; they bring me closer with myself and my higher consciousness.

Creativity gives our inner being room to express itself and helps us discover things about ourselves and our spirituality we were unaware of before. It’s an act of self-discovery and self-connection, and the more we’re creative, the stronger our inner connection becomes.

Some people use creative work to merge with their higher consciousness, which happens gradually but is transformative nonetheless.

This merging is inevitable if we dedicate ourselves to our work, and something as simple as writing (which could be seen as mind-centered since we share our endless thought stream) can enhance our connection if we keep at it.

In my opinion, the point of writing and other forms of creativity is to connect us with that flowing part of ourselves that so many spiritual seekers want.

We’ve been given the gifts of love and intellect to express ourselves while increasing our connection with our creator and higher consciousness, and this connection will strengthen if we keep expressing ourselves without fear of criticism or not being good enough.

We’re all worthy of expressing ourselves and reaching others with the good vibes most of us try to impart into our work, but it starts with relying more on our inner being than external things we think will make life better or our work more enjoyable.

I’ll share another, more personal example.

I was in the middle of a busy day recently, and for no discernible reason, I felt the urge to stop and meditate. I haven’t done it in a while, and I was in awe of the profound impact this five-minute meditation had on me.

The visions and accompanying vibes were stronger than anything I’ve felt in a while, and all it took was pausing my day and briefly entering into the void.

I was occupied with external things the rest of the day, and while it was a great day overall, nothing about it matched up to that little meditation.

It goes to show that we have a lot more inner power than we realize, and sometimes, we just need to slow down the mind and consciously tap into it.

I’d recommend increasing or enhancing your inner connection in whatever way you see fit, because in it lives the joy, wholeness and satisfaction we all seek.

Try as we might, we just can’t find the same level of wholeness in external things we’ve been convinced are more important than an inner consciousness that most people don’t know exists.

It definitely exists, and depending on where you’re at in your spiritual growth, a short meditation might have the same nearly-overwhelming effect on you as it did me.

We’ll never know what gifts our creator and higher consciousness have for us if we don’t open up to them, so let’s remember to be open and receptive to whatever the spirit has for us.

It’ll challenge us a lot, but if we stay open, it’ll endow us with creative and perceptive gifts that’ll amaze us and anyone who witnesses them.

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