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Traits Of The First Generation Of Indigos (1967-1987) – How Many Of These Have You Experienced?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

How many of the qualities, characteristics, and challenges of the first indigo generation have you experienced?

Most Indigos can identify with at least 90% of what is on this list:

They came to earth in large numbers (about 62%) between 1969 and 1987 (those who came before and after – 30% – were born in the ’50s). Highly intelligent in their own special way are literally “different” than other people.

Adult Indigos share these characteristics:

1. They are intelligent, although, they don’t always have the best results.

2. They are very creative and enjoy making art of any kind.

3. They always need to know WHY, especially if you ask to do something.

4. They are scared of repetitive and menial tasks.

5. They were rebellious at school in a way that they did not write homework and denied teachers’ authority, or they wanted to be rebellious but didn’t dare to do it because of the pressure of their parents.

6. They may have experienced early existential depression and a feeling of powerlessness. This may have ranged from sadness to extreme desperation. Suicidal thoughts, while being in high school or even younger, are not unusual for adult Indigo.

7. They have a problem retaining service jobs. Indigos deny authorities and don’t accept the hierarchy of the employment system.

8. They want independent work.

9. Deeply sympathize with others, but they are extremely intolerant of stupidity.

10. Can be extremely sensitive; they can start crying at any moment with no particular reason (no shield) or, on the contrary, they may not express any feelings (full shield).

11. They might have trouble with anger management.

12. Have problems with systems that they consider to be bad or inefficient, eg. political, education, health, and legal system.

13. They pay little to no attention to politics or elections.

14. They reject the traditional American dream – 9-5 job, marriage, 2.5 children, perfect house, etc.

15. They despise “The Big Brother” that took away all their freedoms.

16. They feel a burning desire to change and improve the world. Sometimes, they feel powerless because they don’t know what to do and have trouble finding their way.

17. They show interest in the paranormal or spiritual from a very young age – in some cases, even before they turn 10.

18. Their role models – if they have any at all- are also Indigos.

19. They have highly developed intuition.

20. Random to no behavioral patterns (symptoms of attention deficiency), having problems with concentrating on a given task, shifting from one topic to another during a conversation, etc.

21. They have paranormal experiences, such as prophecies, angel or ghost sightings, out of body experiences, hearing “voices”, insights, etc.

22. They can be sensitive to electricity, so, clocks, street lights or electrical equipment may not work properly in their presence.

23. They can be aware of other dimensions and parallel realities.

24. Sexually, they express themselves very well and are creative OR they reject sexuality because of boredom or with the intent of achieving greater spiritual connection with themselves and the source.

25. They seek the meaning of their life and understanding of the world. The can look for it through religion or spirituality, spiritual groups, and books, or self-help groups and books.

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Brandy July 12, 2017 - 9:12 am

What do we do, Indigos? It is all so heavy. So much to take… I have lost my way… I want things to change here and not just for me…. It is so hard.. But I love life.


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