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Fiery Sagittarius Full Moon Rising June 5th Ignites The Fire And Calls For Adventure

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by Conscious Reminder 

While the May’s Flower Full Moon evoked heavy emotions, the 5th June Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius and the Strawberry Full Moon will incite boldness and adventure. Change is in the air, along with a desire to seek love and beauty.

Lunar Eclipse In Sagittarius

Lunar Eclipses are a time of new opportunities, and this is exactly what is going to happen this summer. The Sagittarian spirit of the bold archer will influence everyone to take risks and aspire for higher goals.

Sagittarius stands for precision and progressive thinking, which will bring forth a positive change. But it also tends to be restless and impulsive, which could possibly lead to unresolvable disasters. So, patience and care are of prime importance this Summer Eclipse season. Things to watch out for during this time are recklessness, lashing out, resulting in harsh words, and decisions taken during an emotional upheaval.

Harness The Cosmic Energy For Positive Change

The Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius will unleash intense energies. One way to see that it doesn’t lead to impulsive actions that can result in disasters is to stop and breathe. Simply meditate and learn to direct the energies towards one goal. This will surely lead to great success. Harness the Archer’s tenacity to achieve greatness starting this 5th June.

The Strawberry Full Moon Will Balance The Lunar Eclipse In Sagittarius

The Strawberry Full Moon, which will occur alongside the Eclipse, will balance out the restlessness of Sagittarius. The Strawberry Moon receives its name from the ancient ties it has with the Native American tribes. It indicates a time of wild strawberry harvest. On a more spiritual level, the lunar phase indicates a time to reflect and seek self-care and beauty.

As spring comes to an end, summer gets ready to start its work. It represents both endings and beginnings. It is imperative to take care of our inner selves during this time. It signals endless opportunities and exciting possibilities. Channel the Sagittarian spirit to shoot for the stars and go far, either in the personal or the professional domain.

Harness the calming energies of the Strawberry Full Moon to not get lost during the process.

It’s Time To Shed Old Issues

Since this Eclipse season represents endings and new beginnings, it will invoke the same in us. Keep an eye on the future, but do not forget the past.

Unresolved issues are like strings, that if tangled, need time and patience to untangle. It will keep coming back as a nuisance, if not dealt with. Dealing with these issues is paramount to grow and to evolve. 

So, the time is ripe under the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius and the Strawberry Full Moon to shed old issues. Reflect on your old relationships, opinions, habits, and decide whether they are suitable or valuable enough to be carried to the next lunar cycle.

The Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius is all about pushing boundaries, while the Strawberry Full Moon is all about beauty and self-care. Have patience, the transformation will be a beneficial one.

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