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7 Of The Most Common Synchronicities We Don’t Pay Attention To

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Synchronicity is the phenomena of meaningful “coincidences” that occur in life that simply cannot be explained in ordinary terms.  

They defy a natural explanation due to their impeccable timing and how they coincide perfectly with other areas in our life.  This is literally a sign from the Matrix that you are on the right track and that you are aligned with the flow of the universe.

Here are seven common synchronicities that people experience when they are highly aligned. Next time you experience one, pat yourself on the back, because you are in alignment with the spirit of the universe.

1) Seeing repeating numbers like 1111, 222 or 333

This is probably the most common sign people receive from the universe.  Some people even believe that these are signs from our spirit guides or angels, letting us know that we are moving in the right direction or providing us guidance.

2) Thinking of someone, then immediately receiving a call or text from them

This is an extremely common synchronicity that most people believe is simply coincidence.  You can tell that someone has had this synchronicity when they tell you “I was just thinking of you!”.  This is synchronicity that is grounded in the energetic connection we have to all things around us.  We can literally tap into the thoughts and intentions of other people, regardless of the distance.  The number of minds that exist in the universe is one.

3) Hearing the first few bars of the next song to play on the radio in your mind right before it plays

Have you ever sung a song in your heard and then it plays on the radio or in the shopping mall right after you were thinking about it?  We have all experienced this, many times.  It would be naive to think that this is just one big coincidence that every single person experiences.  When your are attuned to the moment, your psychic abilities increase.  Our minds have pre-cognitive abilities, meaning that they sometimes respond to stimuli before the stimuli is even present.  What does this tell us about the nature of time?

4) Answers to questions you’ve been asking suddenly make themselves available to you

Perhaps you’ve wanted to know what your next career move should be or you’re in need of some advice for a big project.  Maybe you are waiting on a sign about a relationship you are in.  Without even consciously looking for the answer in the moment, synchronicity can simply bring answers to questions about issues like these in the most unexpected ways.

5) Ridiculously good timing

Perhaps you are flowing easily through the traffic and hit every green light, or you’re showing up somewhere at exactly the right time.  When your timing is good and you are going with the flow of the universe, you can be sure you are conducting yourself in a way that will open you up to more synchronicities.  When you are working with the universe, it seems to work for you in return.

6) Randomly receiving a gift that you’ve been wanting, even though you haven’t told anyone that you wanted it

Perhaps there’s a book you’ve been wanting to read, or a new gadget you’ve had your eye on, but you haven’t told anyone about it.  It’s on your bucketlist of things you want to treat yourself to.  Suddenly, your partner, relative or friend simply gives it to you as a gift out of nowhere.  “Hey, I saw this and figured it would be something that would interest you”.

7) Randomly meeting someone who has the ability to help you through your biggest challenge or current need

Simply put, the universe hooks it up.  People that you need in life often manifest synchronistically at the right time and place when you are properly aligned with the moment.  Someone you’re chatting with in line at the grocery store or meet at a party might be exactly the person able to help you with what you want or need in life.

The number one tip I could offer if you are looking to manifest more synchronicities in your life, is to meet the universe halfway.  Don’t sit back and expect the universe to hand you a lollipop.  If you are putting in the effort, have a vibration that matches the reality you want, and are doing your part to make sure that your heart, mind, and spirit are aligned with the results you are looking for, then the universe can’t help but guide you along your way.

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