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Only A True Gentleman Does These 20 Things Instinctively

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Let’s face it, chivalry is a thing of the past. People don’t even get the point of feminism: yes it is equality but not to the extent of being mean and vengeful about it.

Be the equal of the women in your life but at the same time, be nice and respectful to them. Only then and only then can you expect the same respect back.

Love, respect and affection towards women make a man a more complete human being. Women have been oppressed by the very way we think, for millennia. By respecting them, you respect all the groups and persons that have been chained by society in invisible chains for all these years.

So how do you respect women, in gestures?

Well, here are twenty things you can start off with.

1. Holding doors open

Especially when you see someone entering with their hands full. Accompany this gesture with a light smile on your face or a “good morning”. We guarantee it, the gesture will be returned when you are the one with your hands full.

2. Being on time

Being on time, is actually being late. Remember, whenever you have an appointment or a date, being about ten minutes early is actually being one time.

This creates an impression like nothing else.

3. Being protective

Of the ones you love, the ones who love you and the ones dependent on you, including pets. Remember animals cannot talk, which makes their voicing their discomfort even more difficult.

4. Assurance

Always be the one who calms others down. There is bravery in hiding the truth from people who will be irretrievably hurt by it.

5. Pull the chair out

Before a lady, an elder or a child sits down. Show them that you care about their comfort.

6. Being polite

A kind smile and a kinder word goes a long way. You might be cheering someone up who thinks they are alone in this world.

7. Ladies first

By letting a lady go first, you are respecting their struggles when your sex had held them back. It might be that one of the sufferers was your own grandmother or mother, who couldn’t do what they want because of patriarchy.

8. Offering help

Help them carry things, or lift them when they fall. Especially if they are old and/or frail. Helping others in need is a humane thing to do.

9. Manners

Make you a decent human being rather than a better man. Manners are the living embodiment of a better age, when man was kinder and more humane.

10. Letting them sit

Give up your seat on public transport. There is nothing greater as a sign of chivalry and manhood.

11. Paying

Yes equality is nice. But by sometimes getting the bills at the restaurant you let women know that you are acknowledging their struggles for so many centuries. It also makes them feel good.

12. Paying attention

To what people say is one way to pay your respects to them. It is important to listen, because you never know how you might be hurting them otherwise.

13. Transparency

Being open, honest and respectful makes things very easy for people to interact and communicate better.

14. Being dependable

Makes people safe around you and under your wing. It is especially a nice gesture for people who are younger than you.

15. Not cheating

Come on. No brainer.

16. Being a mild mannered person

Endears you further to others.

17. Patience and prudence

Make a person come closer and closer to God. It also makes the lives of others easier for him.

18. Making others laugh

Laughter is the best medicine. Spread a little joy. It will only come back two-fold.

19. Be ambitious

Because that will show the people around you that you care for their well-being and want them to be happier.

20. Being moral

Morals and ethics too make us better people.

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