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The Constructive Virgo New Moon On August 30 Will Bless Us With Great Productive Energies

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by Conscious Reminder

Most of us are going to witness the Virgo New Moon on 30th August. The zodiac energy of Virgo, owing to its mutability, happens to get us organized, logical, well-planned, and helpful.

At both ends of the spectrum, Virgo is either a master strategist with a penchant to bring out the best in anyone, or it is usually an evil megalomaniac, overtly critical of even the tiniest of things, and containing a massive to-do list.

The Virgo New Moon is definitely going to have us feel things in one way or the other. For, this period gives you the opportunity to come up, get your game face on, and bring out some stability in your life.

Usually, with the New Moon, Virgo also experiences the presence of the Sun. Now, that does get a little extreme, but maybe we need it after the recklessness that was Leo season.

Virgo is one of those zodiacs angled towards the health and wealth of individuals, so you can expect that this month might put you in the service of individuals or yourself. New Moons have astrologically been perfect times to start something new.

So why don’t you take the time before that, to find out and add things to your inventory that you may need later so that things go efficiently?

Carla Mary, a famous astrologer, mentions that the energy of the Virgo helps in bringing about massive changes in one’s life. This could be anything – from realizing that our time would be spent better in some other way or simply being with people who do not waste our energy.

Maybe you will be replying to texts that you have ignored for a long period of time now, or even bringing up a project that you were forever hesitant about. You could go into an interior designer mode, and completely change the way the world looks around you!

This event will definitely help us understand our body better. What we need and what should be done in order to get into a state of total health?

Not just body though, since Virgo is all about the total nourishment of an individual, it consists of all the mind, soul and body. All this while, you might as well change the entire way your life runs, from cleaning yourself- body and mind, diet, house, work routine – anything you feel would do well with a renovation.

This New Moon ensures us that we understand the different spirits and auras around us that are at work.

This helps us get to a point where we understand ourselves better while also getting the much-needed knowledge to focus on different aspects, which have since a long time been under darkness.

The light from the coming New Moon in Virgo is going to help you with that. So, why not utilize it to its full extent?

Since there would be quite a significant number of planets in Virgo now, you can expect a whole host of energy out there. This means that your communication would be better, for Mercury is always there to rule in Virgo’s dominion.

With Venus, Mercury, and Mars close to the Moon, we would get the first-hand experience of how the world works and how words matter.

Since this Moon would make us deal with our emotions better, and actually try to understand and express them in a way so as not to rifle up emotions, you need to be very careful with both the spoken and the written word.

For this instance, words would have power.

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