Harvest Full Moon Is Gonna Bring Some Intense Vibes Into Your Workplace. Buckle Up!

Are you feeling some fresh-start vibes (or maybe just wishing you were feeling some fresh-start vibes)?

If so, there’s a reason for it, as we have got alllll kinds of new beginnings upon astrologically at the moment: Both the autumnal equinox and the start of Libra season will occur this Saturday, Sept. 22 — but perhaps even more notably, September’s full moon, also known as the Harvest moon, will rise shortly thereafter, lighting up the skies in its full glory on Sept. 24. Knowing how the 2018 Harvest moon will affect your work life this month is going to be particularly important, as this full moon is taking place in the ambitious, leadership-driven sign of Aries. Yes, there’s going to be tension, and yes, it’s likely to get emotional. But the silver lining? There’s a huge opportunity for growth during this Harvest moon, both personally and professionally, and all zodiac signs should work through the pain to take advantage of it.

So firstly, let’s talk about having the full moon in Aries. Aries is considered the first sign in the zodiac, making it a natural-born leader and project-starter. “Aries is all about initiative. It’s interested in moving forward, not looking back,” explains Astrology.com. It’s also a cardinal fire sign, meaning that it’s highly action-driven. So what happens when you combine this energy with a powerful full Harvest moon? Bustle spoke with astrologer Lisa Stardust, who shares, “The Harvest Moon is going to make us more success-driven, as we are focused on asserting our individuality and winning.” This isn’t surprising given Aries’ competitive and energetic influence — but here’s the problem: Full moons are less of a time for ambitious action and more of a time for emotional reflection — so those conflicting concepts have some serious potential to stir up communication issues and overall negative vibes in the workplace.

“The caveat is that we may receive major setbacks at work,” warns Stardust. Try to pull in the reigns on your ambitious impulses, because tensions are high for everyone — your colleagues and bosses included!

Bustle also spoke with astrologer Renee Watt, who expands on this, saying, “We may find ourselves putting more time in at the office to make sure projects are completed on time. You may be feeling extra pressure from your boss and possibly even over-worked or under-appreciated.” While it’s easy to view work situations from your perspective alone, it’s going to be extra-important to approach things from a more collective standpoint during this full moon. Your boss may not be trying to be inconsiderate of you, for example — they may just be feeling overworked or underappreciated themselves. Analyzing situations through this kind of empathetic, partnership-oriented lens will majorly benefit you in the workplace during this emotionally-intense moon, and will help you avoid hotheaded conflicts.

One of the main themes that all zodiac signs are facing during September’s Harvest moon is a resurfacing of old wounds, traumas, and inner fears (and subsequently, a chance to heal and resolve them so we can start fresh). We’re all cleaning the metaphorical skeletons out of our closets right now — and with all those feelings having boiled up to the surface, it’s not unlikely that you’ll end up a bit emotionally triggered in the workplace, too. “[O]ur bosses or colleagues may make us feel as though we are repressed or our opinions are overlooked,” explains Stardust. “We may link this feeling back to our childhood memories of not being picked first for activities by our classmates, causing repressed childhood sentiments to resurface.” It’s important to prepare yourself to face those feelings and not react to them immaturely out of fear — especially when it comes to your career.

So what’s the solution? Try to resist your Aries-driven impulses and exert a little (or a lot of) self-control. “Try not to let tensions boil over, and handle yourself as professionally as possible,” advises Watt. And remember, rather than trying to swallow down your negative emotions and fears, this moon is asking us to acknowledge them with compassion — which applies to challenges in your work life and personal life alike.

And while the full moon is in Aries, the sun will conversely be in Libra, which is the sign of diplomacy and partnerships. Calling upon this naturally balancing, relationship-oriented energy will help you maintain your working relationships by tempering the fiery, quick-to-act Aries vibe that’s being amplified with this moon. It will also help you to feel less individualistic in the workplace, which can be difficult to achieve when you feel overwhelmed by your inner-world of emotions. If you need a boost, don’t be afraid to stock up on some crystals for the Harvest moon to soothe your stress. Some are perfect to carry in your pocket or set out on your desk at work to remind you to keep your cool.

All zodiac signs have a major personal and professional growth opportunity that they should seize during this Harvest moon, regardless of how painful it can be to work through the emotions that come along with it. As Stardust shares, “Even though we may feel forgotten, we do have the opportunity to change this dynamic — by letting go of hurts caused by our ego and by trying to make things work with the collective (colleagues).” This moon is a time to focus on cooperation and the collective good when it comes to work and your career. The Harvest moon is brimming with energy of new beginnings, so take advantage of it and step into the new season with a clean slate.

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