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Crystals For Caregiving & Self-Love

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The Orthorhombic System of Minerals

Do you find it easy to go along with the choices others’ make? Are you the happiest when you are taking care of those you love? Is commitment one of your favorite words? Do you feel secure in the rhythm of your life? If so, then the minerals of the orthorhombic system are good friends of yours. The orthorhombic minerals contain the inner structure of a rhomboid. If you look at this figure on a piece of paper it takes the shape of a diamond. Those with orthorhombic personalities are the shining diamonds of committed service in our world. Their ability to support, attend, comfort, and care for all in their charge make them the invaluable healers, missionaries, and humanitarians of the world. The Platonic Solid of the icosahedron supports the orthorhombic system by radiating the element of water through these minerals. Just as water makes up the atmosphere of our planet, the service of orthorhombic individual’s flows all over the planet, into regions of conflict and natural disasters. Those in service take great comfort in the meaning and purpose of their lives. They know what they do is valuable and necessary and because of that they do not need external reward. They take their commitments seriously and for that the rest of us are extremely grateful. They make our lives easier and fill them with joy.

There are two reasons you may be drawn to an orthorhombic mineral. You may enjoy the stability that aragonite and staurolite provide. These stones support your ability to maintain lasting commitments. On the other hand, danburite, hemimorphite, and topaz will radiate self-awareness into those in significant service such as soldiers and missionaries. These stones allow these servants of humanity to refuel themselves with fun, travel, and interesting experiences. Because these minerals systems outline specific ways of processing electromagnetic energies, they help us to define the specific groups of behaviors, thought patterns, types of beliefs, and connection to memories which coalesce into certain personality styles. Let’s look at how an orthorhombic personality approaches and experiences life.

The Orthorhombic Personality

It is easy for those with an orthorhombic personality to make and keep commitments. Because of this they make decisions quickly and with deep conviction. The only difficulty they may encounter will be the honesty of their decision making. Because they seek to serve, these individuals may betray their own personal goals for the sake of a consistent environment and stable lifestyle. Although they enjoy the process of loving and embrace the challenges of caretaking, they need to honor their own needs in the process, and to define themselves as more than the role that they play. Their motivation truly is to love, and in deeply loving they recognize that their service is life-giving. They require no accolades because for them serving in love is its own reward. They take great pride in bringing a humanitarian cause to public awareness or a new medical technology into general use. They support the movers and shakers of the world by their committed service to these pioneers and their movements. However, loving themselves cannot be thrown out the window.

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt exemplifies the orthorhombic personality in her support of her husband, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and the rights of all human beings on this planet. Although she became a respected and powerful humanitarian, she was never regarded as an egotistical woman. Rather, she was seen as the face of those she was caring for, supporting, and for whose rights she advocated. Her personal life was marked with betrayals and loss, yet she remained faithful to her commitments and created a fulfilling life where she achieved what was important to her. One of her crowning achievements was overseeing the development of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, still serving as a beacon of civilized behavior and understanding in a world unfortunately scarred by fear and loss, today. Mrs. Roosevelt did not succumb to the insecurity and loneliness faced by those with orthorhombic personalities because she found her own path to happiness while serving the public good.

Peridot radiates compassion and comforts an overwhelmed heart.

When caught up in caregiving, these individuals can not only burn out, they can burn up in the boredom and repetitive nature of their service. If they have not focused on replenishing their own energies they can literally blow up and walk out on those they have sacrificed for. Or, they can feel mercilessly betrayed by those who walk out on them because their services are no longer required. Depression and panic attacks result when their stable environments dissolve. Instead of rushing to find the next person or situation in which to commit themselves, their best option is to define the best environment that will support them in their capacity to love. Then they can honor themselves in relationships where they are honored and appreciated.

The Orthorhombic System of Minerals include:
Aragonite, Topaz, Iolite, Barite, Sulfur, Stibnite, Marcasite, Strontianite, Sillimanite, Andalusite, Danburite, Peridot, Enargite, Bournonite, Hemimorphite, Aurichalcite, Celestite, Natrolite, Staurolite, Columbite, Chrysoberyl

Sample of a beautiful Hemimorphite specimen isolated on black background

Hemimorphite encourages you to take responsibility for your own happiness.










Because orthorhombic personalities are constantly serving, wearing these minerals in jewelry or on the body is the best use of their support. Bracelets of aragonite, iolite, peridot, and topaz will provide strength, patience, and improve problem-solving strategies and they won’t get in the way of physical work. Necklaces and pendants worn at the chest will infuse the lower and higher heart chakras with the energies you require to unconditionally love yourself as you love others. Additionally they will add beauty and joy to a challenging day. The importance of resting, recharging, and self-care is supported by celestite, staurolite, barite, and hemimorphite. Meditating with these stones is relaxing and restorative to the auric field. They are also well placed on a personal altar, calling forth the assistance of higher beings of unconditional loving to assist you in your missions and relationships. All of these stones are supportive to maintaining positive relationships and can be used in environmental grids in homes and offices to promote caring attention and respectful loving. These are just a few suggestions on how to utilize some of these orthorhombic minerals. As you further research each stone for your life, new applications will appear


Staurolite is a stress reliever.

Ray Seven – An Enlightened Culture of Peace – The color is Violet.

This ray is devoted to uplifting humanity into its soul-embodiment. It uses the power of forgiveness to release humanity from its addiction to fear and releases us from the grip of suffering. Providing the strength to transcend immorality, the seventh ray promotes justice, not in a punishing way but rather through unconditional loving. Forgiveness is magical in its power to free the spiritually, mentally, emotionally, etherically, and physically entrapped and those with orthorhombic personalities serve the cause of freedom. Humanitarians choose to see the world as one family and promote healthy human relationships not only in families but also between nations. The element of water provides the fluidity necessary for the establishment of peace on Earth by lubricating the hardened and lifeless with the possibilities of vitality and hope. Those with orthorhombic personalities are supported. The celestial beings serving on this ray provide for the needs of all the servants of humanity.

Barite supports interdependent relationships that create harmony in the world.

Stibnite promotes self-sufficiency.

Sulfur clears the mental and emotional bodies so your spiritual body is free to ignite your fulfillment in your life.

Ascended Master St. Germain, who was Merlin in Camelot and St. Joseph, the father of Jesus, in past incarnations, now serves us as the Mahachohan to create the magic of forgiveness, peace, and abundance in our own lives. He over-lights the use of the Violet Flame of Transmutation in the third dimension which can be used as an energetic eraser of all that this is ugly, awful, and terrifying. He is known as the Lord of Civilization because his job is to oversee the development of an enlightened civilization of peace on Earth. Call upon him when you need to forgive, free, and empower yourself to unconditionally love. Ascended Master Lady Portia serves under St. Germain supporting humanity’s transformation into an enlightened culture of loving service. Call upon her to help you transform relationships and situations that have been burdened by pain and loss.

Aurichalcite promotes fearlessness by developing inner harmony and strength.

Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst and their legions of Violet Flame angels are at your service. They are ready and waiting for you to invoke their assistance when creating peace in your homes and offices. They radiate the beauty of loving into all who call upon them and infuse you with the power to choose beyond the pain of the moment, instead shifting your focus upon the glory of being loved and loving. Let them support you to forgive and let go so that a new life-affirming reality emerges. The Elohim Arcturus and Victoria will offer you their skills as builders to help you manifest enlightened relationships that support the development of peace on Earth. The majestic light beings of Alpha Centauri offer you the strength to honor the dignity of all life and support the environments in which all life may thrive. Welcome them into your meditations and prayers for enlightened guidance.

The stones of the orthorhombic system are quite blessed by the radiance of these celestial beings utilizing their crystalline structures as runways of support to help humanity evolve individually and collectively into an enlightened civilization of peace.

Ray Eleven – The Ray of Becoming – The color is Orange Pink.

The caregivers of humanity literally care for humanity. It is in their hands that the day to day experiences of life are tended to and it is in their presence that individuals discover hope and joy or learn about hurt, pain, and suffering. From the day you were born, how you were exposed to caretaking has impacted your life and contributed to how you would treat others as an adult. The eleventh ray supports life-affirming care giving with the creation of unconditionally loving thoughts, actions, beliefs, and experiences. It is through the intervention of the eleventh ray that your capacity to engage enlightened decision making becomes a reality. And through this your soul-empowerment grows so that you become a beacon of fifth dimensional relationship. Ascended Lady Master Quan Yin supports your ability to engage in enlightened relationships. As the Goddess of Compassion she is committed to helping you engage your soul-empowerment as you choose in the face of the most difficult circumstances, to unconditionally love.

The Archangels Soliel, and Astrela support the transformation of human relationships and radiate the power of unconditional loving into all who call upon them.   They are strong, sensitive, and attentive and offer these gifts to those in their care. Master Adama and Lady Master Adora are celestial light beings who bring their expertise in gender unity to humanity. They support the gender harmony necessary to manifest an enlightened civilization of peace, and promote the transformation of marriage and parenting into a sacred activity of collaborative creativity. The eleventh ray involves the utilization of ceremony to honor commitments and recognizes the power of ritual to engage hope and promise. Rites of passage are honored in every culture on Earth and now as humanity evolves, new rituals celebrating the embodiment of the Soul and the creation of enlightened community need to emerge.

Call upon Lady Master Adora and Master Adama to transform your families and bring enlightened living into your homes.

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