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Taurus New Moon May 4th, 2019: Take A Risk And Start Anew

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by Conscious Reminder

On 4th May, the New Moon will be occurring in 14-degree Taurus which is already in an aspect with Neptune.

This New Moon is going to be a great one for the artists and the spiritualists – so, attain a step towards spiritual enlightenment and let your creative juices flow.

It’s time to gather up the daring to leap in the direction of your dreams and ambitions. Make things happen during this New Moon.


The New Moon indicates that one 28-day cycle is ending and there is another that is starting. So, it is a great time to start something new.

We can break off our previous routine and enter a new adventure, trying to change how we progress to our future. The Sun conjuncting the moon brings us the courage to engage with this novelty.

The Astrology Of The New Moon

The New Moon that is happening on 4th May will be taking place at 14°10′ Taurus. Plus, there is a sextile with planet Neptune which is going to be mostly positive.

The challenging part comes when Mars goes opposite to Jupiter but then again, there is a fortunate star that will influence us and minimize the challenges.

The Aspects Of This New Moon

Sun Will Go Sextile With Neptune

The Sun going sextile with Neptune will bring a boost to our intuition. We will develop empathy and our ability to receive and understand our partners during relationships will get a major boost.

The New Moon is all about group activities and engages oneself spiritually. You might even have major insights and better understanding about life and relationships curbing miscommunications and misunderstandings.

Mars Going Opposite Jupiter

When Mars goes opposite to Jupiter, it is a signal for us to go out with confidence. There will be a boost in our sex appeal and we will be more willing to undertake risks during this period.

However, this alignment is also the time when you become greedy and selfish, thereby bringing your own loss. So, try to be a little more considerate when you are going through this period. It will make this phase much more fruitful.

Other Influences

Almach, the fixed star, bursts the creative and artistic within you and also, helps you receive honor, especially in the military. Almach also brings positive changes in your life.

There is also constellation Andromeda which pours the purity of thoughts and idea upon us and purges us from any toxic element.

It strengthens the love between spouses and brings about reconciliations, especially with adulterers. It is a star that brings about unity, peace and love – things we need to grow.

To Sum Up

The New Moon will have the influence of Neptune acting on it and this will bring you up to high standards. On the other hand, when Mars goes opposite to Jupiter, you will be full of courage but there’s a small selfish elf that might peek inside you and wreak havoc during this period.

The New Moon effects on 4th May will continue till the 3rd June New Moon. Begin something new and don’t let anything put you down. The waxing phase continues from 4th May to 18th May.

Bring a novelty in your life and align yourself with your dreams. Happy New Moon.

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