The Significance Of 11:11 And The 11:11 Portal

A number is not just a number as you are not just a human, all that is a part of this universe is comprised of energy, frequencies, and vibrations.

Each number, just like each soul, carries a different energy signature. they/we each hold their/our own unique meaning and resonance and activate different energies with in each other and all of existence. Just as some souls move you more than others and can bring about things in you others cant, certain numbers and/or number repetitions and sequences also hold the keys to unlock parts of your DNA and true potential as well. 11:11 is a great example of this.

11:11 happens to be one of those powerful numbers that assists in your personal transformation and many more beings are becoming conscious of it at this time because we are in a time of immense change and shift and of a raising in mass consciousness. 11:11 is sometimes known as the “wake-up” code or code of consciousness, the ascension code or activation code. It is normally the first sequence of repeating numbers one will see and understand as they first begin to wake up and then other repetitions and sequences normally follow that one will begin to be conscious of as well such as 444, 777, 1234, 888, 2222, etc. This frequency activates certain neural pathways and codes within your being to assist in helping you awaken.

Then you see this number throughout the day, not just on a clock, but the number 1111, be mindful and conscious of what is occurring in that moment, whether it be a thought or an action or behavior. The universe is bringing this energy to you in this specific moment to make you aware of what is occurring and to bring you confirmation of that which is happening at the time you see that number. You may also be receiving an activation or download of light in relation to whatever was occurring when you saw and received the 1111.

The 11:11 portal is the 11th day of the 11th month, which is this november 11th. We are also in an 8 frequency year (2+0+1+5=8) and 8 holds the frequency of instant manifestation; what goes around comes around. What we think and how we act is what we put out in to the universe and the universe immediately sends it back our way because we must abide by cosmic laws, especially the law of cause and effect which this frequency represents. 8 also represents infinity, hense it is the infinity symbol.

The number one represents oneness. Oneness is what this universe is trying to move back in to. It is your purpose for being. In our true essence we are one with everything and everything is one and within us. We are not separate from any living thing. We all carry within us the same potential and the same divine love which is the spark of all of creation. The number one also represents new beginnings and new potential, creation, courage, assertiveness, attainment, tenacity, etc.

11:11 is also a mirror of the number 11. This can be a reminder to us to see the same divinity that is within us within all we encounter. That everyone we meet is only a reflection of our own perception. When we carry beauty within, we find beauty in another. When we carry hate or anger within, we see that in the world. Be conscious of what you see out there for it is a direct reflection of what you feel in here.

11:11 is 1 magnified by 4 which makes it an extremely powerful expression. The 11:11 is here to remind us of our true nature which is spirit incarnate. The 11:11 gateway brings us to a period of immense renewal of our spirit and a greater divine connection with source/creator. We are able to receive more clarity as to our purpose here and a remembrance of who we truly are as a beautiful expression of love.

This portal also represents the true reunion of the divine masculine energy and the divine feminine energy. All of creation came to be through this portal. Through divine masculine and feminine energy creation is birthed. All things must carry both parts as everything in this universe is comprised of both masculine and feminine energy, this is the way of the universe. As this portal arrives, many can and will begin to reunite with their TRUE sacred union and twin ray.

Not a soul mate or karmic soul mate or twin flame unless that is your choice, but this portal truly allows the highest union to come together that is based on love. A true heart and soul connection, not physical, not sexual, but based and rooting in love. So seek higher if you are in a relationship that is giving you less than or is based in the lower chakras. Allow this energy to help that true partner connect in with you if you are choosing to allow space for that.

These sacred unions are extremely important to earths continued ascension. When we are with this divine complement we ascend to our highest state of being as they are a direct mirror of us and of immense support for us to continue to reach our highest potential. The unconditional love held in these relationships also helps to transmute so much on earth and as we co create within this love we send blessings upon blessings on to the earth and all that is connected to this planet. The universe wants this union for you all so please remember you are worthy of receiving this.

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