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Heal Yourself Before You Start Healing & Guiding Others

by consciousreminder

by Conscious Reminder

The self-help and spiritual community is a brilliant one where one could really grow and become the best version of themselves spiritually and mentally.

But somehow, even this community has become contaminated, not because of any corruption, but because of their lack of self-realization. There have been numerous occasions where I was sitting in front of a healer, a mentor, or a teacher, but they could not really heal me.

Rather, I found that they were wounded themselves and their wounds were reflected through me. What it showed me is that their wounds were affecting me and not in a good way.

Wounded healers can’t really help you much, they don’t practice what they preach. As a result, you only end up being worse than you already were.

It’s common knowledge – you will only trust professionals when they actually do what they are supposed to do. You would not visit a surgeon who knows all the basics of conducting an operation but does not know the practical application of the same, right? T

hat’s the case with a wounded healer. They know all the theoretical means to make someone spiritually healed, but since they have not practiced healing themselves, they fail to do anything about their patient. Oftentimes, they forget that we have been through this as well.

As a healer, I have been wounded too, and I have understood it when a wounded healer is trying to heal me. Similarly, as a wounded healer myself, I have tried to help others heal as well.

The vibrational energy that a healer has which should envelop a wounded person just doesn’t click. On top of that, if you are a healer and you are wounded, you cannot pose yourself as a healer. That is called fraud and you should not do something like that.

When you are trying to heal someone, or at least, when you are trying to become a healer – you have to ask yourself some important questions. They will be hard ones and you might find it difficult to answer them, but you must:

Have you been wounded before and have you become a healer without addressing the wound?

Are you still suffering from the wound but are trying to pretend that you are not and that is taking up a lot of energy?

These are internal questions that you must ask to finally understand yourself. If the answers are ‘Yes’, then you should stop being a healer for others and try to release your own wounds first.

How Can You Do it

Sit with yourself and go inside. Confront your wound, however painful it turns out to be. Don’t shy away from it. Remove any obstacle that is trying to stop you from transforming. Become free! Become a living experience of what you have always preached.

Don’t go about preaching to others when you need to direct your teachings to your inner-self. I have been in the same position. I became my own quantum alchemist and started to do some inner work to release all my blocks and transform myself.

It was painful and it does not go away immediately. I still work on it, Yes, my business failed during this time, but that’s ok. At least I was true to myself


Before you engage in this intensive program, you have to go through some self-realization. First, you have to ask yourself:

Is it your serving time that triggers your wounded self?

Do you have a specific kind of a structure that makes you believe you can be a mentor or a healer?

If the answers are Yes, then go on with your services.

But if it is No, then stop. Heal your wounded child. Become what you teach first. Transform yourself and then you can transform others.

The world needs healers, but it does not need wounded ones. Be a proper healer and help the world grow.

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Gaia Ascension Forerunner March 7, 2019 - 12:45 am

I always like to reference a fellow lightworker’s article title from a while back:
“Deal with your OWN sh*t, THEN serve.”

Indeed. I have lost track of how many times I’ve told lightworkers on my blog that THEE first and best way to serve others is to tend to one’s own healing FIRST and COMPLETELY. If not, the so-called “serving” really isn’t and it just becomes a Distraction Detour from doing one’s own work.

Thanks for joining the choir, if you will. I truly hope we can actually get through to lightworkers on this point… ‘cuz I’m pooped.

For years I’ve been well aware of the “ascension project”, ya know, to serve the planet and the collective. For years I would finish up some healing (of self), take a break, then ask the Divine, “What more can I do?” Gee, guess what? The next thing to do (and be) was more of my own inner work… until my ascension process was complete. THEN I was actually IN a position to serve Gaia and the human collective.

Unfortunately, there weren’t many of us who had knocked out our ascension process at that time (8+ years ago now, almost a decade, *pant, wheeze*) and we got used and used… until we were almost completely used up. I feel that the Divine used me to within an inch of my life for about 4 years and now I’ve been here that much longer with only enough energy to take care of my bare necessities and by that I do not mean holding down a job as part of that. No way. My baseline energy level is down in the dirt and seemingly with no recovery or “bounce back”. And I know / knew what that felt like because I was given a break in the middle of my 4 years of Energetic Service Work and it was like throwing a switch, night and day, I actually had physical energy to use for myself, out taking long walks / hikes 3 – 4 times a week. Now, it’s literally everything I have to drag myself around and if it’s not going toward my immediate need to keep my vital signs, then I’m not doing it ‘cuz it wouldn’t take much to lose my vital signs just by overexerting myself. I told someone recently that when I was at a “3D level” there is no way I’d have allowed myself to become so depleted. But “Mini Me” didn’t seem to get much choice in this. And being spent is one thing. Being left here in that depleted state FOR YEARS later is just completely nuts. *shaking head*

Keep sounding the trumpets on this one because everyone doing their own inner work is how ascension projects get done and I frankly don’t know what it’s gonna take to get lightworkers to knuckle down and git ‘er done.


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