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3 Zodiac Signs Who Won’t Be Very Happy With What May 2019 Has To Offer

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by Conscious Reminder

Let’s just put it out there-there is no reason for you to freak out just yet. Though May may not be as feasible to you as you want it to be, things aren’t really that bad.

You would still be able to live your life in a very comfortable manner, but again, it would be wise to just have a go through your sun and star chart.

And to make it clear, the signs that would be out of their element are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Sensing a pattern? We bet you are. These air sign families will be undergoing some stress because most of the planets would be moving through the earth and fire signs.

But again, not to be worried. These events and predictions happen to us all. The other signs, the more feminine signs would be enjoying a period of luck and fortune in this period.

But also, you need to understand that even if you come under the same zodiac, there are differences in one’s sun chart with someone else.

So, this could very well be for someone else, and not you.


You really need to take it slow, Gemini. You have been working too hard for the last few months, and you deserve a break.

You might also be somewhere out of the scene, going in the background and helping out there, but you do need to realize that everyone gets out of fuel at times. Recharge your batteries, and see this as an opportunity instead of a curse.

It is the universe giving you a reprieve, for all the work you do. With Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus all out there, you really do need to take a break. So don’t sweat it out, and go to sleep. You deserve it.


As they say, let it go.

Things have been rough for you the last few months, You have been battered, bruised, betrayed by everything that you held dear. But, now is not the time to cry about it.

Now is not the time to get all cynical and depressed about that. You have made it through, and you have made it well.

With developments in your eights house of sex, death, and transforming into someone entirely different, you should try to let things go. Let go of your old self, because a new cycle of life beckons you.


You are changing. You are evolving, and that shows in your domestic life. You don’t feel at home, do you?

Things are changing, and with the presence of Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus in the midst, your fourth house of home, emotional support, and familial life is undergoing through stress. Everything is changing, and that justifiably tenses you.

But don’t.

For, even though things feel like a see-saw, and you can find no suitable place to stand on, things are going to change, just like they always do.

Don’t worry. This too shall pass.

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