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Solar Eclipse August 21st – Which Part Of Your Life Will Ruin, According To The Four Elements In Astrology

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by Leila Ettachfini

No one gets a free ride when it comes to Monday’s total solar eclipse. Still, being prepared for the impending emotional turbulence can’t hurt.

This Monday, the moon will fall directly in line with the sun, resulting in two minutes and 40 seconds of total darkness along the eclipse’s path of totality during usual daylight hours in the US. Visually, the solar eclipse, the first to occur from coast to coast in the United States in 99 years, will be weird and dystopian—much like our modern reality. Astrologically, it will be exciting, confusing, and tumultuous.

If you’re the type of in-the-moment person who likes surprises and patience, then perhaps that is enough for you. For the rest of us, I’ve reached out to our staff astrologer, Annabel Gat, for guidance on what we can expect the universe to throw at us in the coming days.

Although the eclipse itself will only last a couple minutes at most, according to Gat, we can feel its effects build up in the days before. Likewise, its after-effects can be major and long lasting—some even permanent. No one gets a free ride when it comes to experiencing an eclipse, Goddess-speed.

# Fire Signs

Because the impending eclipse falls during Leo season, fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius may find they can connect with its energy a little more effectively than other signs. Aries will have a bit more guidance as the moon slides over the sun on Monday. Though the eclipse will still come with challenges for Aries, there’s going to be a sense of readiness to rise when the universe calls on them to do so. “For Aries, this eclipse is going to be affecting all the areas of life that relate to fun or creativity,” says Gat. Painters, writers, and other creative Aries people, beware: Making art over the next few days may be rough. Expect writer’s blocks and obstacles, but know that no one comes out of an eclipse weaker than they entered it. It’s also going to be a tumultuous time for any hookups they may have going on.

Because this eclipse falls during Leo season, Leos can expect a total shift in how they present themselves to the world—it’s time for a rebirth! Gat describes it as a “gigantic psychological, emotional, [and] spiritual makeover.” As the eclipse nears, Leos may begin to reveal a side to them that no one’s ever seen before. But it’s not just their friends who will be surprised; Leos may adopt some personality traits that not even they knew they were capable of over the next few days. They should do their best to welcome these surprising changes rather than fighting them.

For Sagittarians, the benefit of being a fire sign during this eclipse means that they’ll be able to tap into it with a bit more productivity than the rest of us—though they’re not exempt from some emotional turbulence. “This is going to be a really spiritual eclipse for all the Sagittarians out there,” says Gat. They’ll be eager for emotional knowledge over the course of the next few days, and travel will be a great way to feed that hunger. Gat suggests that Sags find their favorite crystal and meditate or bring it to their preferred space of worship—wherever they feel the most comfortable to tap into deeper levels of themselves.

# Earth Signs

Tauruses who may be trying to determine how to best set boundaries and ask for space from the people in their lives may figure it out during this eclipse—but answers won’t come without a big blow-up or two. Watch out for fights with roommates, says Gat, especially new ones. Questions around early childhood and ancestry are on their minds. Moving or re-configuring their space may be the best ways to sort out those issues. Delving into an old box of memories can be hard, but the memories inside may prove themselves helpful as our solar system figures its shit out.

For Virgos, this eclipse is going to be big for working out issues with sleep and finally setting aside some time for rest. Eclipses are hard on all of us, but Virgos will want to ensure that they get as much rest as possible. As the sun falls behind the moon, they may notice their psychic abilities flare up, Gat says, though Virgos, often quite logical people, may doubt this. But if they open up their ears to their intuition, they’ll be pleasantly surprised. Skeptical Virgos should look out for shocking secrets that reveal themselves in dreams, only to later manifest in the material world.

Capricorns are in for a “very emotionally intense eclipse,” says Gat. Caps will come out of Monday having mastered a necessary lesson: If it’s not serving you, let it go. Baggage from old relationships? Throw it out. Unhealthy friendships? End them. Caps are busy people, and they’ll finally learn that they do not have time for bullshit. They may have to grieve and mourn the things they’re letting go of, and that’s OK. They can expect some major realizations regarding their sex lives, and may find the courage to let go of intimate partners who don’t reciprocate, whether that be emotionally or physically.

# Air Signs

Geminis are not shy people, but like everyone, they have important things they’ve been timid about sharing. “This eclipse is going to really force them to do it,” says Gat. Communication will be the major theme for them over the next few days, and there will be some major takeaways. Geminis may find themselves rethinking the way they express themselves to others. According to Gat, they should keep their phones charged and their email alerts on—big news is on the way and it’s not going to be something they want to miss.

This eclipse is going to bring Libras some major new perspectives on who their friends really are. Sometimes, less is more. It’s not easy to cut someone out of your life, but it’s no easier to devote emotional labor to someone who isn’t reciprocal about it—that’s the kind of clarity we can thank the sun and moon for! Libras will find new career motivations around the eclipse, especially if they’ve been feeling down about their prospects lately. Inspiration that pushes them towards their goals is on the horizon, and Gat says it may just pay off financially. And hey, a little more cash never hurt anyone’s ego.

Aquarians, meanwhile, are going to be focused on their relationships. “This could mean a breakup, but this could also definitely mean a major renewal or meeting someone new,” says Gat. It can be hard to open up to new types of relationships, but there’s no time like an eclipse to make a personal change. If Aquarians have been feeling a little off kilter lately, the eclipse will be a major factor in helping them feel balanced again. Aquarians should remember that sometimes unconventional additions to our lives can be exactly what we need.

# Water Signs

“Because Cancer is ruled by the moon, whenever there’s an eclipse, no matter what, Cancers are going to be bugging out the most,” says Gat. This time, they’ll be focused on what they value and why. This theme will extend from the mundane to Cancer’s innermost thoughts. Their understanding of everything they value, from their belongings to themselves, will be challenged. They should avoid gambling, but consider more important investments. Likewise, they’ll be focusing their energy on serious friendships over superficial ones. “A Cancer may have to cut off a friend who is using them, or cut off a lover who’s not respecting them the way they should be respected,” says Gat.

Scorpios may be known as the mysterious sign, but this eclipse they’ll be craving the spotlight. Since Leo is the sign of the superstar, “this Leo eclipse is really going to push them over the edge in their hunger for fame and fortune,” says Gat. Everyone gets sick of hiding in the shadows, even Scorpios; big career moves that force them to take on more proactive roles may be on the horizon. Likewise, any people who’ve been pissing them off recently should watch out. Scorpios may also find themselves ready for a reputation change post-eclipse.

As for Pisces, it’s their time to figure out whether they’ve been taking care of themselves. But self-care is more than Instagrammable face masks; this week is a good time to schedule those doctor appointments you’ve been putting off. Pisces can also make a list of everything they’re concerned about surrounding physical health. This eclipse will bring more permanent shifts around daily routines, and self-care should be part of that. Clarity around workflow and productivity is on its way.

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