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One Last Unanticipated Move Of Mercury Retrograde Before It Ends On December 6th

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by Conscious Reminder

Mercury Retrograde! Yikes! Don’t run away from this page just yet. Bear with me this one last time. I promise it’s gonna be over. Well at least for this year, 2018. Phew!

In 2018, You and I have had the bad luck of witnessing three phases of the apparent retrograde motion of the Mercury. But thankfully the final phase is going on at the moment. What started from November 16th will finally come to a halt on December 6th.

We have almost reached towards the end of the rope and it is a sigh of relief for everyone I know. If you are one of those people who have been anxious about their travel plans going to the tropical Thailand or the Indian subcontinent during the upcoming holidays. My advice to you is, don’t be anxious.

If your plans are in late December, you can cease to worry about the backspin of Mercury and start on a fresh note as you won’t be affected by it. The messenger planet has a whole new ruse at its hand for us before going back in its normal motion.

For this weekend, Mercury will come upon the boisterous and exuberant Sagittarius and the sly and cunning Scorpio and this will mark a grave change in the temper for this week’s retrograde motion.

If you are in close connections with people who are either Sagittarius or Scorpios, you are well aware of their opposing nature. This is quite strange in terms of behavioral patterns as both the signs lie next to each other in the Wheel of Zodiac.

On one hand we have the Sags who are characterized by extroverted nature followed by high energy and on the other there are the Scorps, who prefer to keep it private and are intensely pensive.

So, it is pretty much a fact that the Mercury’s retrograde will have an effect in our lives and it differs depending on the zodiac sign it is visiting.

According to the website Astrology Zone, written by astrologer Susan Miller, we need to focus on the zodiac elements, Sagittarius and Scorpio in order to understand how we will feel with respect to changes they face by Mercury’s effect.

The present retrograde of the messenger planet is in the fire sign Sagittarius till this weekend. One can expect irascible nature and irritable reactions when the planetary retrograde takes on this volatile component.

The outcome of the Mercury retrograde on a fire sign is that our creativity and emotions are raised up to a barely controllable limit. Hence it becomes easier for us to tackle any problem come what may, with a blink of an eye and also come up with innovative solutions for the same.

However, there can be a turn of events for the inward lookers once the planet comes over the water sign Scorpio. Miller is of the opinion that when the retrograde is over the water sign, your instincts will guide you better than logically challenging anything or anybody.

So, let your little subconscious-self guide you through, provide you with solutions for any tough problems or difficulty you face until next Thursday when Mercury goes in direct motion again.

Good news us that we are not going to witness any Mercury retrograde till March of 2019. We hope 2018 ends for you on a comparatively peaceful note without any kind of miscommunication.

Let’s stick together and hopefully we can make it possible to get along the next week by protecting ourselves with love and positive thoughts. Namaste! 

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