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Tonight, Expect A Powerful Hunter’s Full Moon: Take Action And Stop Procrastinating

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by Conscious Reminder

If you had been disappointed the whole year, October may be your time to flourish.

The Full Moon on October 13th marks a new opportunity for us all to grow and yield that fruit we have been waiting for. While Full Moons usually mean an ending, it may turn out to be a path opener now.

The Full Moon on October 13th can also be called the “Hunter’s Moon” for it follows the Autumn Equinox and the Harvest Moon.

On such Full Moons, animals could be spotted on the harvested fields and thus could be easily hunted. Such is your opportunity today, out in the open but ready for you to hunt! 

What Should You Do On This Full Moon?

If you had begun anything in April of this year and had been striving for results, this shall be the right time for you to acquire them. Your hard work may be rewarded now.

However, there is something you should keep in mind before you take up an action. Based on the position of the Sun, the opposite sign is Libra. Your attempts can get disturbed by them. This is the time when you have to choose between “self” and “other” and choosing yourself over others can never be wrong. This may also cost you a few relationships that are doing no good with their presence in your life.

Problems To Avoid On This Full Moon

This Full Moon is ruled by Mars causing friction with the love-loving Libra. In a workspace, Libra will make you dawdle away the whole time holding off all the work. While in the personal sphere, this sign can disturb your relationship with your close ones.

There may be traces of frustration, agony, emotional upsurge, and scuffles in relationships and power struggles. What you need to do is stay calm, be focused, take up strict decisions, and follow those decisions. Remember to avoid fights.

Some Tips To Yield The Best Of This Full Moon

1. Escape Drama And Tame Those Emotions

This Full Moon may shower you with lots of drama. Try to avoid them and stay as calm and composed as possible. Anger and frustration may spoil your chance to good fortune. Control your emotional upsurges and tame them to your advantage.

2. Seek Some Balance

Both Aries and Libra seek balance in every aspect of their lives. This can be the right time to acquire that in your relationship with each other.

3. Set Them Free

Full Moons indicate culminations and new beginnings. This is the time to put an end to the relationships that no longer serve you happiness and mark a new beginning of growth and prosperity.

4. Celebrate Your Victory

In the presence of the energetic and focused Aries, victory is assured on this day. What should follow is a celebration of self. Slip into your favorite linen and treat yourself for the win. You deserve it!

5. Retain Your Focus

The position of Saturn and Pluto may disturb your focus and cause you to break away from your commitments. Try to retain that focus and you are good to go.

While Full Moons tend to test our emotional side, we can always lay low and let things settle down. These are all that you need to remember while you are heading towards your victory chair. It’s your day! Own it, win it!

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