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What Really Pisses You Off, Based On Your Sign

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Avid horoscope reader that you are, you’re always tracking the progress of your sun sign. But your lesser-known signs are also worth getting to know. From your ever-so-private moon sign to your outgoing rising sign to your flirtatious Venus sign, other celestial bodies (and where they fall in your birth chart) reveal whole new sides of your personality.

In kind, you can learn a lot from your Mars sign (the sign that Mars was in at the moment of your birth). For instance, Mars can clue you into what motivates you, how you move through the world, and even what you’re like in bed. But you probably feel the influence of your Mars sign most often when you get annoyed.

Mars determines your pet peeves, dislikes, and even what you flat-out hate. But this fiery planet doesn’t stop there — it also rules how you react to these bothersome things. In other words, you have your Mars sign to thank (or blame) if you yell, break stuff, or brood when you’re pissed off.

Ahead, we’re taking a closer look at what grinds each Mars sign’s gears the most — and how they deal with that frustration — with help from the work of astrologer Annie Heese and our very own Astrotwins. If you don’t already know your Mars sign, you can find out by reading your birth chart (we’re partial to this online generator). Then read on — just remember to watch your temper.


What ticks you off: Not getting your way, being ignored, and sharing. We don’t mean to make you sound childish, Aries. But, as the first sign in the Zodiac, you do have a bit of a reputation as the youngest sibling.

How you deal with it: In a word? You don’t, Aries. Rather than giving yourself time to process your anger, your short-tempered sign tends to lash out. Not one to mince words, you come right out and say how mad you are — usually directly to the person who put you in such a bad mood.


What ticks you off: Taureans aren’t the strictest folks in the Zodiac, but woe is the person who throws off their everyday routine. Stubborn Bulls don’t take kindly to anyone who denies them their creature comforts (think: dry-cleaned everything and plenty of down time).

How you deal with it: Hard-headed sign that you are, you usually dig your feet in rather than try to adjust to the situation. So, if someone’s trying to rush you along (perhaps a Mars Taurus’ biggest pet peeve), you’ll move at half-speed until they leave you alone.


What ticks you off: A lack of variety is enough to send a Mars Gemini off the rails. Being told what to do and having to hang with quiet people round out your top three pet peeves. As Heese writes, having Mars in Gemini can make you especially restless. So anything that pins you down is unwelcome.

How you deal with it: Gems are known to be outspoken and rather honest, so it may come as a surprise that you struggle to express your anger clearly. More often than not, Mars Gems will try to contain their feelings. As they get more overwhelmed, they’ll relieve the pressure in tiny bursts (usually in the form of biting quips).


What ticks you off: Feeling like you aren’t in control — especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Sensitive Crabs tend to be closed-off, but if you decide it’s time to open up to someone, that other person better be ready. Otherwise you’ll be left feeling exposed, stuck, and, above all, embarrassed.

How you deal with it: If being passive-aggressive were a sport, you’d have quite the trophy case, Cancer. Once someone lands on your bad side, they’re in for a seriously cold shoulder and more than a few sideways comments, which won’t let up anytime soon. Crabs are notorious for their grudges.


What ticks you off: Like your fellow fire sign, Aries, you hate to be ignored. But, unlike Aries, your need for attention stems from your pride. The greatest insult to a Mars Leo is shutting down their ideas — especially around other people.

How you deal with it: You put on a show, Leo, and you know it. In your mind, everyone in your orbit needs to know how you’ve been wronged, whether that means alerting your friends’ group chat or confronting whoever has upset you in public.


What ticks you off: Simply put, Mars Virgos struggle with time off. You’re at your antsiest when you have a clear to-do list and nothing to coordinate, but you’re at your angriest when someone tells you that it’s “okay to relax.”

How you deal with it: A pissed-off Mars Virgo is a rare sight. You love being on the move, so why would you bother dwelling on your feelings? But on the rare occasions that your temper does flare, you’re efficient in your anger (as with everything else). You’ll complain and critique briefly, then move on to the next thing.


What ticks you off: Any instance of injustice or unfairness is sure to stick in your craw, Libra. You stay true to your symbol, the Scales, and seek balance in all things — from your social calendar to debates at work.

How you deal with it: You have a hard time venting. People-pleaser that you are, you never want to let anyone think they’ve upset you. So you’ll almost always stay quiet in the moment and find unhealthy ways to express your anger later on. Put down the passive-aggressive sticky note and start speaking your mind, Libra.


What ticks you off: Compromise. It’s all or nothing with Mars Scorps — down to the most minute issues. You’d never admit to being nit-picky, but you won’t soon forget dealing with that imperfect project or settling for your second choice.

How you deal with it: This dark placement seems to go through life looking for excuses to brood. When faced with the person who pissed you off, you’re calm and cold as ice, Scorpio. But when you’re alone, you tend to stew on that conflict.


What ticks you off: Disagreements or, even worse, anyone who makes you look like you don’t know what you’re doing. This actually speaks to a greater insecurity among Mars Sags: At any given time, you’re committed to one (or six) too many projects. So you’re bound to lose direction, but you find it endlessly irritating if someone points out that you’re stretched too thin.

How you deal with it: For lack of a better term, your normally easy-going sign gets a little sensitive when you’re upset, which can lead to pettiness. Once your feelings are hurt, Sag, everyone else’s are fair game.


What ticks you off: A surprise of any sort are kryptonite for Mars Caps. It doesn’t matter if it comes in the form of a party or delayed flight — if it wasn’t on your calendar for the day, it’s just one more thing to deal with.

How you deal with it: Once you recover from your initial shock, you play the martyr. It’s up to you to restore order to the day as stoically as you can. Your sturdy Earth sign needs to be in control. So even if your first instinct is to fly into a rage, you’ll suck it up until you can return to your regularly scheduled life.


What ticks you off: Aquarians are classic rebels — and if they don’t have a system to fight, they’ll think of one. You remember every single time you were told things had to be done a certain way or that you had to follow the rules. And you take those moments to heart as attacks on your freedom.

How you deal with it: Your sign tends toward defiance when you’re mad. If you’re stuck doing something you morally object to, you’ll find the smallest ways to resist. You might play dumb, move slowly, or even “forget” your task altogether.


What ticks you off: Idealistic Pisces can’t stand it when their flights of fancy are interrupted. Taking down party decorations, being forced to make a decision, or even waking up from a great dream can ruin their day.

How you deal with it: With Mars in Pisces, we’d bet you’re basically allergic to confrontation. Rather than make a fuss, you distance yourself from the situation until you cool (which won’t take long anyway). Pisces always prefer to make peace over stirring the pot.

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