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The Super Blood Full Moon Lunar Eclipse On January 21st Can Cause A Major Energy Shift

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by Conscious Reminder

On January 20th-21st, we will encounter the Super Blood Wolf Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. It will start from 10:36 PM EST on January 20 and continue till 3:48 AM EST on January 21.

The Moon is known for its control of our emotions and now paired with its proximity to the earth and the eclipse, it will bring us to a whole new connection with our inner selves. Be prepared for some unusual drama as well as a push into the fame zone.

Revealing our inner desires

The Lunar Eclipse reveals our shadowy selves. Since the Moon will be closest to the Earth during this period, it will be potent and will actively interact to bring out our hidden desires and urges to the surface. Since our willpower will be very less during this period, it is best if we don’t experiment with temptations. It’s not the best time to casually meet up with a former lover or go out on a Tinder date.

You might spark up an old relationship only to give you a terrible lesson. While learning lessons in relationships are great, why would you want to consciously go for pain? The Lunar Eclipse takes place at Leo and so you could expect some harsh returns from the proud sign.

There will be a huge display of proud entitlement which may even end up with power abuse. However, it won’t be a surprise to you, if you had kept a track of the planetary movements. This eclipse is the final Leo eclipse and it has persisted since February 10th, 2017. The things that have been evolving since that time will come to a conclusion during this eclipse.

Bringing a balance

Eclipses generally occur in pairs and the Leo-Aquarius pair is quite a dramatic one. Leo represents the elite while Aquarius represents the common people. It has been since February 2017 that these two divergent signs have come in contact with each other.

As a result, we see more and more elite people, like The President or Presidential Candidates using and communicating through the social media a tool for common people. Similarly, we have the MeToo movement which was used by common people to topple the elite power abusers. It’s quite a conflicting but necessary alignment for the heath of the society.

Unravelling the truth

On a global scenario, the eclipse could bring hidden revelations to any scandalous affair that has been moving the world. We may come across to learn about how social media has and is being used for political purposes. Hidden truths like how the present world dictatorships keep themselves concrete and how they control the masses might slowly start emerging. As the veil lifts, we will be looking at a whole new world.

Becoming a leader

If we look at the eclipse from the personal point of view, then it will be bringing out the leaders present in all of us. All it requires from us is to find a way to express our leadership skills. Will it be through Instagram live-streaming? Or it can be by participating in some kind of community service. Whatever be the path, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and bringing out your voice.

On the romantic side, the Leo eclipse is quite special. February is coming closer so you get the Valentine vibes already. If there are hidden feelings buried in your chest, now is the time to get it out. Confessions can be the key during this period to bring back genuineness in relationships. Couples could go for some make-up sex or couple therapy to strengthen their bond.

The eclipse is meant to express the celebrity present in all of us. Go for an Instagram post or maybe try to start a campaign. Even though it might be short-lived, you will have your walk of fame. That could be amazing.

A few ways the eclipse will affect your zodiac:

Aries: Creative ideas will come to you all of a sudden with some romantic development that could end in engagements or pregnancy.

Taurus: You might relocate or renovate your home. There might be long-awaited news from your family too.

Gemini: New partnership will be coming your way and shifts in your friend circle.

Cancer: Opportunities to make money or a promotion.

Leo: Bringing your creative work to the eyes of the public.

Virgo: Getting a closure after a painful event or forgiving a frenemy.

Libra: You will be connected to your soul group and your popularity will grow.

Scorpio: You will come across high-profile opportunities and opportunities to become a leader will open up.

Sagittarius: An opportunity to travel or trying for a shift in another country will come to you.

Capricorn: Breaking from a relationship that was toxic and making a deeper connection with a special person.

Aquarius: Knowing who are your right or wrong partners.

Pisces: Becoming more of a leader and keeping up with wellness goals.

Best of luck!

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