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July Numerology: The Secrets Of The Seventh Month

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by Conscious Reminder

July being the seventh month of the year holds the unique power of the number 7. Numerology may not interest us all but this July and its number carry a lot of significance and potential you should know about.

The number SEVEN is considered to be lucky by many. But its significance goes beyond that. It is intelligent, focused, and spiritual as well. Being the number of the spirit, 7  brings in wisdom and other influences which cannot be avoided.

The Secret of The Tarot explains how the number SEVEN has dualities, especially considering the root numbers it is made of. This prime number is generally broken down into the addition of 3+4.

While 3 is often associated with creativity, 4 associates with the material world and practicality. Hence their combination, resulting in 7, results in a unique duality within those who align with this number.

They tend to be hard workers because of the influence of 4, but succeed in realms outside economics and business, rather in the creative fields.

The number 7 is there to remind us of our mission in life. The material world often turns too confusing and consuming for us to focus on our own goals. This number is there to guide us to the goal.

Coming to terms with the influences of this number may not be easy. But this number brings important lessons for your soul. This 7th month of the year may have not offered you what you wanted. But have faith that everything is planned according to what you need, not want.

You can go ahead and watch the video below. It offers you further details and insights about the workings of this mystical number.

Conflicting energies will be on a rise this time of the year but nothing too extreme. Even when things seem too difficult, always remember that they are nothing that you cannot handle. You have the strength within you. Most of the times, we are doing far better than we can realize.

Have faith in yourself and trust the energies and intentions of the universe.

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