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The Unified Field Theory: Nassim Haramein Explanation

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Nassim Haramein is a renowned physicist, known mainly because of his unconventional ways. When he was nine years old, he realized during a bus journey that the Universe was made of ‘dots’. The Unified Field Theory arose from this perception of an astral projection in his mind.

An Aesthetic Discovery

Haramein’s theory holds answers to questions dealing with the vast cosmos, from galaxies and quasars, to microcosms involving planks and quarks. It is a lot more proper and detailed as a theory compared to other theoretical physicists.

Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck, Nobel Prize winner, had discovered planck as energy. The planck constant explains the phenomena of particles and waves’ behavior in the quantum field; a significant concept that influenced Haramein’s discovery.

A Classroom Problem

During a geometry class, his teacher had explained that a point did not exist, known as dimension zero. The teacher then further drew a line- a series of dots- and claimed that that didn’t exist either, calling it dimension 1. He then put four such ‘non-existent’ lines together, calling it a plane. He said it was dimension 2, which also did not exist.

To Exist from the Non-existent

Haramein says then his teacher put together these planes to form a cube, the third dimension, and said, “Now, this exists!” However Haramein felt that no matter how many planes are combined, the conclusion would always be that something cannot exist from a nothing that is non-existent. Haramein questioned an age old assumption, bringing forth new developments.

His simplistic approach has been widely criticized by others in the field. Haramein believes that science is not that complicated, we tend to create huge equations when we fail to realize the simplicity in it. Science should have answers for everything.

The Contradiction

Haramein had an epiphany that as Universe is made of dots, it doesn’t just mean that nothing exists; it also means ‘nothing’ is what exists. All parts of the Universe are made of points of infinite division, which are combined on different levels, to make all we see. From massive stars to particles infinitely small, they all make the material environment. Spaces between them are not empty but energy-charged vacuum.

Study done by a Hong Kong University of Science and Technology discovered that distribution of density across the Universe is related to the nature of smallest particles. It supports Haramein’s theory that Theory of Everything should have all the answers, connecting all the links.

Scientists feel the Universe can be utilized as a particle physics ‘collider’ to understand high energy particle physics. However, there is no need to collide particles to find the smallest particle, as there is nothing like that.

The smallest visible particle Planck can also be explained by the Theory of Everything. To conclude, all that exists are – dots. Easy.

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