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Soul Ties And How To Recognize Them

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by Conscious Reminder

A soul tie is a connection or a bond you feel with someone that is not limited to just one level.

When you have a soul tie, you feel a divine connection with them, of the spiritual, emotional and the physical kind.

It is almost like movies, you “click”. You form attachments with your soul tie very fast. Now, sometimes, even if these things are happening to us, we do not realize that it is a soul tie relationship and do not give it the necessary importance. To avoid that, you have to know the signs as they are listed below:


We are all embedded in a social matrix, which is why the majority of us are always looking to make new friends and connection. When it is a soul tie, one cannot help but be thrilled to their very core. There is always this intense need and urge to know everything there is to know about a person.

A Breather

When it is a soul tie, it almost feels like they are letting you take some time off from the rest of the world and recharge in their company. They refresh and rejuvenate you. These relationships prepare you for a new day and restore your strength.

They Fill The Void

When you meet someone who is your soul tie, they seem to fit right into your life and help you fill the emptiness in your life. A soul tie connection makes you feel complete and if not complete, they make your incompleteness feel okay and not like it is the end of the world.

Holding On

A soul tie relationship is not something you will ever want to let go of. You will always want to hold it as close to your heart as possible and make it a part of your being.

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