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When Love Finds You, Please, Don’t Run Away From It

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We simply fear what we can’t control. And we can’t control what is right and real.

I know it’s awful. I know you think you’ll ruin everything. I know you’d rather run away than let someone get close enough to you to hurt you.

It took you a lot to become the person you are today. You believe in love, but you are still afraid of it. You understand the power that love has over people. And that’s what scares you. You’re afraid you can’t control it.

You’re afraid to let someone in your heart. You’re afraid that this person will find out about you and escape. That’s why you resist. You think it’s easier to escape from love than to let someone love you.

It took a long time for you to learn how to love yourself. And trust my words, I know how hard it was. I know you had to learn who you really were and forget about the picture people created about you.

Because at some point you started believing what you were saying, and this did not only affect your relationship with yourself but also your relationships with others.

But trust me, they are lying.

You have to cancel the voices in your head that’s been telling you that you are not smart, pretty or worthy enough.

I know that you doubt love, even though deep down inside you believe in it.

But you need to know that you are worthy of love. You deserve love as much as anybody else. Because your love is so strong, it almost seems incredible.

Because, how can a heart that has suffered so much pain and disappointment, keep loving so strongly and passionately?

How can a person who used to cry themselves to sleep, smile and make other people’s lives brighter and better?

How come you didn’t break? How come you can still give hope to others?

And most importantly, how do you not see yourself so, the way others see you?

Because you’re beautiful.

Your love is not wrong, you just love the wrong people. Please understand this difference.

It’s not a flaw, it’s not like you make a mistake. You analyze too much because you know that one can change their mind at any time. Because that’s already happened to you. That’s why you are trying to prepare yourself for any outcome. You are looking for warning signs so that your heart doesn’t t break up suddenly.

You let people in, but not close enough because you’re scared.

You go through one break up to another, and you think the problem is in you.

But one day you will realize that all made sense. You will find yourself worthy of yourself. You will find the one who will never make you feel faulty or unworthy. You will find the one who won’t stop loving you, even if you make a mistake.

And most importantly, you will find the one who will not only stick around but who will grab you and hold tightly onto you, so you don’t go anywhere.

You deserve it. You deserve the same kind of love you give to others.

Art by: LOUI JOVER | Saatchi Art

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