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New Moon In Virgo, September 19/20 -Best Mantra For Each Zodiac Sign

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September 19’s new moon in Virgo is a crystal clear lunation for getting creative, refining your vision, and divining the exact kind of world you want to see.

Virgo season’s mission is to bring the external world into alignment with what lives inside, and with Venus also entering the sign on September 19, and the Libran sun entering the mix on Sept. 22—it’s a week of aesthetics, ideals, and the sharpened tools for bringing heaven to earth. Let your perception shape the reality that you’re birthing into being. The landscape you look upon rests in your nimble hands.

As we move towards the fall equinox, the shift from the solitude of the Virgo sun into the Libran month of partnership, is one of the most important cosmic turns of the year.

Can you trust so profoundly in your own singularity that you can reach out across the great divide for another person? This moment of equilibrium reveals that there’s everything to be gained, when we challenge ourselves to integrate what we perceive to be “other.”

By all means, revel in your personal tastes. And then step up to the buffet table and taste the rainbow. With nomadic seeker Jupiter’s final opposition to radically electrifying Uranus on September 28, we’ll be ready to blow open the doors and expand our consciousness beyond the old mantras of “should” and “must.”

When we build this dream together, nothing can stop us. Let The Numinous be your guide.

# Aries & Aries Rising

New moon mantra: Softening my selfhood is a radical act of courage.

At work: This is challenging week that asks you to slow your roll and soften your edges, fierce firebrand. No mean feat for a mami who’s given to going ever faster and harder. Consider what you think is “not yours” professionally during this next moon cycle. Feel into the tasks you’d rather not take on. Then move lovingly towards this foreign realm, no matter how long these projects take to unfold. Reach out for all the support you need. You don’t have to go it alone. And not going it alone may be your fiercest move yet.

Out of the office: It’s a pair figure-skating week for feeling into the sweet sensation of synchronicity. It doesn’t need to be all or nothing in partnerships. Trust that you can show up without needing to prove who you are or aren’t. Let a friend or lover pour the wine, choose the music, light the scented candles. Let this feel like taking a delicious night off from your big “I.” Let the “we” feel like a brand new vacay spot. You don’t always have to decide.

# Taurus & Taurus Rising

New moon mantra: Stepping behind the scenes lets me prep the most gorgeous performance.

At work: It’s a backstage-at-a-couture show week, made for carefully aligning your buttons and stitches. There’s a runway moment that’s yet to come, bovine beauty. This isn’t about not claiming credit for what’s rightfully yours, just about learning to love the feeling of unfolding labors. Start small with a project. Delight in the details. Use your microscope to look upon your endeavors, not with harsh critique but with the loving gaze of a worker bee who knows how sweet it can be to slowly build the honeycomb.

Out of the office: It’s Venus season for you. But rather than going full-throttle with the sensual feasting, see if you can settle into subtler, embodied sensations. Swap out an over-the-top buffet for a carefully chosen picnic. Really notice what feels corporeally supportive, and choose preciously and lovingly as you tend to your body. Let this be a playful act where you can pick out your fruits and veggies, then Vitamix them into a gorgeous elixir that fuels exactly how you want to feel.

# Gemini & Gemini Rising

New Moon Mantra: Returning to innocence re-ups my faith.

At work: It’s a powerful week for collapsing any imaginary work/play divides and returning to the wide-eyed sensations of youth. Consider yourself an eager intern this week, Gemmy. Show up early and bright. Approach your projects as if seeing them for the very first time. Leap into a task without a single trace of cynicism. See where you can rediscover exactly what led you down this path at the very beginning. And if you simply can’t shake the sensation of things not being properly aligned with your fresh, young spirit, let them go. Practice starting over, minute by minute.

Out of the office: It’s an ice cream truck week for you, gemstone, and we want you to chase it all the way into the sunset to get that bomb pop. Play without pretense. Read a juicy romance novel. Let yourself be amazed by the bubblegum flavors of the universe. You’re the zodiac’s street smart, high-topped explorer, and this is a week for taking your scooter for a brand new spin around a familiar block. Let the familiar feel fresh. Bring along your sidewalk chalk.

# Cancer & Cancer Rising

New moon mantra: Rooting into my internal world fuels my creative force.

At work: It’s time for a shell-abration, and this cycle lets you tuck into that sense of sweet retreat without it having to feel like hiding. Let your emotional radar be your greatest work asset and don’t let anyone tell you to leave your feelings at the door. Use them to take you ever higher and deeper into the root of passion projects. Activate them, so you can intuit exactly what your team needs. Trust that the seemingly irrational is the place where your best and brightest ideas are born. Lead with your whole damn heart and see who follows.

Out of the office: Let your lunacy be illuminated. Stay up way past the witching hour and see what’s revealed in your own nocturnal spaces. Get mystical and strange with it. Walk barefoot into your own private landscape. Consider this your week to go “tripping” and revel in the feeling of a mind-altering journey where the only drugs are your own inner visions. Savor psychedelic ’60s tunes and reread old diaries. Look for inspiring collisions between your past and present.

# Leo & Leo Rising

New moon mantra: Getting real about what I’m here to give, helps birth the wildest dreams.

At work: While you’re not always the most pragmatic, this week finds you realistically assessing exactly what you’re here to bring to the table and then delivering the just desserts. Consider this your personal performance review, where you don’t have to get emotional about exactly what’s working and what’s not. Dive into your resources and worth. Figure out the precise contours of your personal power. Be your own supervisor and notice what it feels like to not have to rail against external authority.

Out of the office: Let this week feel like slow cooking with whole food ingredients. Get simpler about your process. Venerate minimalism, hearty meals and sensations that are straightforward and solid. Streamline it and know that sloughing off and stripping down can make your diamonds sparkle even brighter. This is your rustic farmhouse week. Butter your bread on both sides and sink your teeth into the sustenance that rests in your open hands.

# Virgo & Virgo Rising

New moon mantra: Desire for what I’ve already got lets me rest into the sweet sensation of just being.

At work: As your birthday season comes to a close, it’s a moment for celestial celebration that let’s your career unfold in its own time. Wipe the futuristic slate clean and know that for the moment, nothing needs to be refined or tweaked any further. Respond to your work environment in the moment rather than trying to anticipate everything. Until you leap into this kind of responsiveness, you’ll won’t know exactly how bold and badass you can become. Trust that you are always already prepared.

Out of the office: It’s gratitude list week for you, vestal Virgo. Let pleasure powerhouse, Venus, be your guide as you love up on everything that surrounds you. Imagine that your environment, exactly as it is, is a luscious hothouse of edible flowers that are here to sustain you. Reach out to touch, taste, and smell. Know that it’s safe to take things at face value and that this value is more than enough. Buy yourself roses.

# Libra & Libra Rising  

New moon mantra: Releasing from impossible standards gives me something even better.

At work: This new moon ushers you into your birthday month, Libran queen. Let this feel like a soft and tender homecoming. Get back to the basics at work, as you release any tension around doing better, or more. You’re exactly where you need to be. There’s no need to strive towards any professional endeavors or long term goals right now. Trust in all the unseen work that’s already unfolding as a result of your previous efforts and just let it unfold. Your work is a Rube Goldberg machine. It’s all already in motion. Let it ride.

Out of the office: Click your heels three times and come on back to Kansas, Dorothy. Return to the sensations that felt like your birthplace and birth right—before you decided that anything needed to be created or made an effort with. Lay out a picnic blanket and some sweet treats and release into dreamland. Your usual flavor of dreaming involves scheming but this cycle is simply about watching the cloud patterns drift by, as you release any need to even interpret their shapes.

# Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

New moon mantra: Letting the outmoded fall away doesn’t have to be a soul struggle.

At work: Trade your pantsuit for a party dress this moon cycle. More than any other sign, you’re built for burn-it-to-the-ground, phoenix-like professional transformations. But this moon asks you to feel into a different style of change. You can let the old and outmoded simply slip from your skin, like a snake. Knowing that it’s time to end an alliance, ask for more, or up and quit doesn’t have to feel like stepping into a tornado or a boxing ring. Let yourself get super jazzed by new projects, rather than obsessing over how you’ll implode the old.

Out of the office: Honor changes and shifts in ombré fashion. This is your cycle to play with the nuances of balayage. The sensation of sand castles being built up and then slowly drifting out to sea. And really feel into your tribe while you’re at it. Tap into the collective consciousness through activism, crowded dance parties, or group learning. Relish the sensation of being a small, sparkling speck who is part of something much larger. Let yourself be in awe of your particularity and preciousness within this bigger picture.

# Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

New moon mantra: Building it brick-by-brick lets me truly leap.

At work: This is a powerhouse moon for you, Sag. But it may take a different shape than the over-the-top spillage you’re sometimes prone to. It’s a boss babe cycle for getting precise. Becoming an expert. Honing in on exactly what needs transformation and initiating yourself. Ask for help at work. Admitting that you don’t have all the answers will be your most liberating act yet, creating the wide open space for adventure that you crave.

Out of the office: Celebrate your penchant for lifelong learning with leaps into the book stacks. Get philosophical about everything, without it having to mean that you emotionally detach from feelings instead of feeling them. Dig into personality quizzes and play with the self-knowledge you discover. Recapture the feeling of mystery and meaning in everything. Read your coffee grounds and tea leaves. This cycle is your scavenger hunt. Give yourself over to the cosmic clues.

# Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

New moon mantra: The kingdom I crave is a shared vision.

At work: As the boss-est astro babe, we absolutely know you can do it all. You’re a soul survivor. A stalwart climber who braves her body against the bedrock. This cycle, let your penchant for powering through it alone, lead the way for some fellow traveling companions. Practice partnering on a project when you’d rather go solo. Accept the umbrella of support when you find yourself wanting to stand out in the ice rain to prove your mettle. You can absolutely build your empire. But letting it be a shared kingdom will take you ever higher.

Out of the office: Get a little bit romantic with your look, without losing any of your treasured pragmatism. Fluff your pillows. Incorporate softer shades. Hold aesthetics in high esteem with a wander through a gallery where you can tap back into exactly what your vision is. Delight in refining your tastes. Make lists of the cultural icons and phenomena you love deeply. Let these forays into your favorites reinvigorate your trust in the good, the true, and the beautiful.

# Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

New moon mantra: Getting down and dirty wipes the slate clean.

At work: Dive into the difficult this cycle, rocket woman. Don’t shy away from tough work convos and trust that your instincts will lead you into a whole new level of professional power. Notice when you hold back from asking for what you want, then push yourself to open your mouth and step up to the table to claim what’s yours. With your penchant for group consciousness, sometimes you lose sight of your personal power. Make yourself known. Sign your name to your work.

Out of the office: It’s a moon for practicing radical attachment rather than detachment. Let yourself feel into your primal desire-nature. You’re the zodiac’s premiere intellectual but let this cycle be all about the carnality. Get sweaty. Leave the dishes undone. Get inspiration from raw food, smoked flavors, and heavy metal. Get back in touch with how really wanting something—whether you get it or not—feels in your blood. Lead from that place.

# Pisces & Pisces Rising

New moon mantra: Initiating new forms of partnership creates soul-shaking collisions.

At work: The fog is parting for you in the office, dream queen, and you can see exactly what steps you need to take to make togetherness work. You don’t have to wildly swing between amoeba-like blending and fierce boundary-staking any longer. There can be a sweet give and take between the credit you claim for your labors and the moments when you let others shine. Getting really specific about your shiniest skills and tools will help this process, so you can make a nitty gritty plan for contributing in a way that balances your urge to merge with healthy self-starting.

Out of the office: Consider the space between things during this moon cycle, deep sea diver. Get a little intellectual about your approach to relating and take a helicopter ride over your friendships and romances. While you’re a super emo sign, in many ways you’re more ether than water. Practice being the observer who simply hangs in the air and looks down upon it all, moving and shifting towards or away when necessary. Be willing to give yourself, and others, a wider berth so that when you come together, it can feel even sweeter and deeper.

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