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Virgo Super Full Moon, March 9th: Follow The Light

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by Conscious Reminder

The March Super Full Moon on the 9th is about to shake things up. The Moon is going to rise in Virgo while its ruler Mercury turns Direct very soon afterward.

With these two events happening one after the other, we would be able to look at the wider picture here, especially with this Full Moon being a Super Moon.

The main aspect of this Super Moon would be to shine a light on what was previously dark and loft the fog. But, it would also illuminate our paths for us- enabling us to move forward.

It will make us answer the questions we have been ignoring for quite some time now. Is there something bothering you? And why haven’t you done anything about it?

If there is something, the Virgo Moon would be your truth-seeker and help you realize the many aspirations that you have or the ambitions that you seek. This Virgo Moon would help you in your spiritual awakening.

The main impact of Virgo on our lives would be the ability to heal everything around us. Precisely why we should let this Super Moon work on us, in order to give us the healing ability necessary to help everyone around us. It is not enough to simply heal one’s own self- help others too.

With the energy that is going to flow throughout this entire month, we can’t stress how important it is for you to take care of your own self, and allow this transformative energy to work wonders around you.

Do what it takes- go to a therapist, exercise, read a book, workout, cook your favorite meal- see to it that you are in your best mental state to acclimatize to the energy around you.

This month’s Full Moon is going to be the last before the new astrological year begins in April, so you will also be receiving signals as to how to correctly begin the new year.

The first thing to do would be to embrace the cycle and let go of grudges. What’s done is done. Accept the mistakes of the past, let go of the guilt. It is time to move on.

We know it is tough to move on, but this Super Moon is going to give us full support if we agree to it. All we need to do is take the first step.

We will also be helped by Neptune, as it cajoles us to take a retreat from our rationality, to think with our hearts- to immerse ourselves in the waters of spirituality.

Neptune’s energy induces us to get a grip on ourselves and move away from physical pleasures. You might find dreams and visions plaguing your sleep, but these are visions of the future.

This is your future and you are living it. While it may get difficult to move away from the present, and live in a higher realm, it will undoubtedly help you later in life.

We know, life can get tough. But being spiritual will actually ground us, help us understand things that seem extremely complex. And remember, every single day is a lesson.

We learn how to live, how to survive, what to do and what not to when we live every single moment. It is not simply about living a life, it is about experiencing it. We experience what life truly signifies when we ascend to the spiritual realm.

And this spiritual awakening would be granted to us by the Super Full Moon, as it gets us ready to reap the rewards hereafter.

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