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Prepare To Handle Your Inner Conflicts During This Libra Season Starting September 23rd

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by Conscious Reminder

Libra season is almost here. From 23rd September to 22nd October, we will be under the Libran charm. It is harmonizing energy that is going to balance out our mood.

There are 12 zodiac signs and hence, 12 seasons. Each season has a special effect on us. Libra is known for being judicious. So, when Libra season falls upon us, we are going to get a dose of fairness in our feelings and thoughts.

There will always be a bit of touchiness involved too. Well, it does not sound that calm. Well, let’s look at how it is going to affect you!

Libra, the air sign, loves to think. Libra likes to think and make everything fair for them and for others around them. That’s why the Libra zodiac sign is inspired by the Scales of Justice.

So, how will it affect you? Well, when you are at work and things tilt off-balance even slightly, you will get furious and fly off the handle. If you think people are acting a bit too cruel to someone else, you will stand against them. It doesn’t take much to be nice after all.

But then, when you are engaging in all these internal (and sometimes, external) conflict, you are craving for harmony and peace. You don’t want to fight, you just want peace – but then, the Libra season will bring back unresolved problems in your mind.

Libra season 2019 comes with the power of Venus, Moon and Saturn – these heavenly bodies are going to influence your happy side. You will start thinking about your emotional needs and whether your friend, partner or family are meeting them.

Ask yourself: Do you feel understood by the essential people in your life or is there something missing deep within?

The better thing about this season is expanding your perspective. You will expand your mind and start looking at things from another person’s point of view. This will give you a better understanding of people and why they do certain things in a certain way.

For example, you will realize why your friend may not have replied to a text. Well, it will make you perceive the world in a different way.

Libra Season And Its Influence Throughout The Rest Of 2019

When you start looking at things from a different perspective, you will start increasing your emotional quotient. Libra season will amp up your empathy a little bit. Well, empathy is essential for relationships and is really required in this world around us.

To be honest, it is in dearth on this planet. So, when you become empathetic, you can see how the world works – how people might act rude because of their insecurities, trauma or anxiety.

Not everyone is at fault. You will also be able to free yourself from any negative thought processes and amp up your creative side. Become productive and start working on pending personal projects.

As you are pondering over so many issues, you should start examining your own side too – your relationships, career and how you want to live life.

It might be a good time to examine your friendships too and see if anyone of them has become toxic. Start by taking actions now – that’s the only way you can be healthier and happier as you float through life.

If you want social justice, now is the time to voice your opinions. Don’t think that you are alone – even a lone warrior can change certain parts of the world.

Be the difference during this Libra season, for your own life and the world at large. Best of luck.

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