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Tonight’s New Moon In Aquarius Is All About Cutting Toxic Ties

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by Conscious Reminder

2023’s first new moon has arrived.

On January 21st, the Aquarius New Moon’s gracious presence will provide a fresh slate as well as a bit of luck as we march into the rest of the year. This energy is great for restarting resolutions for those who have already quit them.

Cutting Off The Toxicity In Life

The upcoming new moon’s themes are curiosity and spontaneity. Furthermore, because of the moon’s direct ties with our emotions, the lunation can make us rebellious and push us toward cutting off the past to feel alive and free.

After all, new moons are associated with fresh starts. So use the lunation energy to get rid of toxic situations and unhealthy habits.

However, not every difficult relationship is bad. Be sure to maintain those that are fulfilling and true. In fact, work on nourishing them. They are the people who we will need and want to depend on when the vibes of the new moon wash over us.

Since Aquarius rules house number 11, our closest people and friends will influence many of our emotions. This is a great time to connect with loved ones and surround yourself with reliable and trustworthy people.

The lunation will also feature an Aries sextile between Jupiter and the moon. This combination makes taking action to make our dreams realities an urgent priority. The seeds planted now have a high chance of growing and being successful.

The connection will give us the energy to charge in at full steam. We will join our courage and innovation and take risks to open doors which will take us nearer our dreams.

Working For The Greater Good

Furthermore, Uranus being the ruler of Aquarius, is making the new moon a scenic chance to break patterns and narratives that do not resonate. There can even be electrifying breakthroughs right now.

The new moon takes place a few hours preceding a Saturn-Venus conjunction in Aquarius. Thus, it is fuelling the creation of a pragmatic and heartfelt game plan in support of your making your vision a reality.

As a sign, Aquarius’ focus is on the collective. As such, it would be best for us to think past ourselves during the upcoming new moon. The lunar event is the type that is an inspiration for considering our roles in society. As such, we may also take the chance to further our reach in society.

If you have been waiting for a chance to volunteer or sign people up to help out a cause, this new moon is a great chance. This period can be the perfect chance for you to begin your journey in activism.

January 1st is not the only day when you make goals and resolutions for the rest of the year. Some of the resolutions you can still make are to get more involved in the community around as well as your relationships.

Work to help the people around you, and it can be a brilliant method to begin 2023, as well as the Aquarius new moon, on a positive note.    

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