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11 Must-Read Spiritual Books That Will Change You Forever

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by Conscious Reminder

Even though it is difficult to narrow down all the spiritual literature that has been written over the years into just 11 books, here is an attempt to give you a head start if you don’t know where to begin.

In no particular order here are 11 spiritual books that will positively affect your life.

1. “A course in miracles”

As the name suggests it’s a course to be followed and not a mere book to be read. Follow everything it says and you’ll see your life changed.

2. “Dying to be me”

This autobiographical account by Anita Moorjani of her near death experiences and fighting fatal illness will inspire you for the best.

3. “Conversations with God Series”

The God of Neale Donald Walsch is not just super understanding, but also super friendly.

4. “The Dark Side of the Light Chasers: Reclaiming Your Power, Creativity, Brilliance and Dreams”

 If you ever feel you are not acting like yourself, it might just be your shadow acting out. This one is a definitive book about the Shadow.

5. “The Nature of Personal Reality”

This book talks about how we create our own reality and how the laws of attraction work. Great read especially if you are on the brink of taking charge of your life.

6. “The handbook of higher consciousness”

This is a very informative book about your chakras and the different levels of consciousness.

7. “Spiritual Growth”

This is a great book to learn about meditation and reaching your higher self.

8. “The 7 Ahas of Highly Enlightened Souls”

 A great read that will change your views on peace, stress and centeredness.

9. “The power of Now”

This is one book that you will understand only when you’re ready for it. Don’t give up on it.

10. “I had it all the time”

This book will help you realize that all that you need is within you.

11. “Loving what is”

In this book, Byron Katie talks how to positively turn your intrusive thoughts.

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