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The Mercury Retrograde In Pisces Will Affect Your Romantic Life In A Dreamy Way

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by Conscious Reminder

The Mercury retrograde is going to happen and it will come as a major effect on our lives. Now, every planet moves and passes through each of the zodiac signs, and based on their movement, they affect all of us.

Sometimes, they are in direct transit and during that time the energy will be different. This year, the first kind of energy that will interact with us is retrograde, and that too, of the Mercury retrograde. You have probably heard of the chaos that Mercury retrograde brings, especially in terms of communication.

Well, it is true and so, this retrograde will particularly affect us. Plus, the Mercury retrograde will happen in Pisces, so you can expect some additional sprinkle of Piscean energy added to it.

The combination will have a major effect on our romantic life. Mercury is serious but when it combines with the sensitive Pisces, it brings a whole new dimension due to their conflicting attitudes. However, not all conflicts lead to a bloody war.

Sometimes, the conflict can settle down and bring a balance too. This combination of Pisces and Mercury will not be as negative as a retrograde generally suggests.

The Combo For Romance

Pisces is compassionate but also dreamy. So, it might make you want to engage in some sort of escapism to block off reality. However, Mercury, on the other hand, troubles our skills in communicating with others.

So, when such communication problems start taking place, then Pisces steps in and uses its dreamy energy to ease it out.

Try to find the calm center within you, and if you connect with the retrograde properly, then you will be able to deal with your anxious self and find your own romantic self as well.

During this retrograde period, you might feel that you are trying to fill up the voids present in your relationship with some meaningless banter. Fortunately, Pisces will come, infused with the dreamy energy, and you can then engage in images of how you want your romantic life to look like.

Going For Your Dreams

Yes, there will be a lot of miscommunication due to the presence of the Mercury retrograde. As it always does, the retrograde will bring chaos into our lives. But don’t start to overwork yourself as you try to remedy the miscommunications and the chaos that the retrograde is bringing.

Rather stay calm, and let the energy of the retrograde come to you. Be one with the energy and let it flow. As you open yourself to this energy, you will see that you are becoming more and more empathetic. You are feeling the energy all around you and letting it interact with your inner self.

If you want, take some time out and rest during this period of retrograde. Since Pisces allows you to dream, let your mind take up any dream that it wants. Ride your dreams – get wild in them. It’s your dream so make it large and beautiful.

A Bit Of Chaos From The Retrograde

However, you cannot really escape the chaos of the Mercury retrograde completely. The chatty planet is bound to bring issues with communication. The more you struggle with communication, the more you will be afraid of the strength of your relationship.

After all, communication is the basis of a successful relationship. But don’t let this one thing hold you back. Rather open yourself to things which you believe are out of your reach. They might seem impossible at first, but reach out to them and Pisces will make it all possible.

Mercury retrograde has happened before and you have lived through it just fine. You will survive this too. But this time, you will probably be able to get the impossible and make it possible too. So, go and get it done.

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