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What You Need To Know About The Latest Facebook Breach

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There have been breaches in Facebook many times before, in case you did not know. There have been whistles blown long before this too.

Any platform that hoards information about its users is something that has the potential to be hacked. And Facebook thanks to its reach, which is almost as good as the word of God, is a goldmine for hackers and criminals.

Recently, there had been reports about a breach. Zuckerberg, the nerd who made it big, came out in a press conference on Friday and admitted that there was a privacy breach of 50 million people. Yes, you read it right.

You might have experienced the aftershock of it too, in case you didn’t know it. Especially if you are an avid user and do not log out of your account after each use, or simply use the app, which does not require you to log out.

The aftershock is simply, that you had to log in again; in case you did, it was because the corporation had to log out 90 million users to contain the breach.

After all, there were 50 million people whose personal information, including names, phone numbers and addresses that were exposed, ripe for picking by potential and seasoned hackers and cyber criminals.

Another issue that you may have seen and faced is the “view as” feature, or the feature that lets you view your account from an outsider’s perspective.

So, you can only guess the gravity of the situation.

Facebook says it has taken measures against the situation however, inside stories say that they have informed law enforcement.

And if we are to believe them, they do not know the exact scope of the breach themselves. They are investigating into the matter to find out in what way the accounts were used or misused.

Now the lesson at hand is one that has been repeated over and over again: do not make social media a habit, and do not give out sensitive information at places where they can be misused by unsavoury characters.

Be vigilant, be safe.

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