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The 2022 Astro Forecast For Every Chinese Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

The Chinese New Year has started on Feb 1, 2022. Those who are after this date, they will be born in the Year of the Tiger having the Water element.

The tiger brings with it an impetuous Yang energy. The water represents the free-flowing Yin energy, especially in the fields of career and life. Balancing them is going to be of utmost importance.

The overall suggestion for the year is to ride the flow and avoid fighting against currents.

Here is what the different Chinese zodiac signs can expect from this year:

The Rat

Rats are kind, versatile, resourceful, and clever creatures. People of this sign may be a bit too good at storing money. They are also always vigilant of their surroundings. For this year, focus on self-care, sleep, and stress relief. Try to release stuff that is no longer needed as it will help you have a more vibrant life force.

The Ox

Oxen are honest, hardworking, and down-to-earth. They are usually awesome leaders. However, they are also sometimes stubborn and headstrong. For the workaholic ox, this year will have you put your health as the top priority. Find time to rest the best you can.

The Tiger

Tigers are courageous, big-hearted, vigorous, and clever. They usually search for attention and can burst out emotionally at times. In their quest for others’ recognition, they can ignore themselves. It will be important to release all the built-up stress. Also, this year will ask you to set solid boundaries when it comes to family and friends.

The Rabbit

Rabbits are smart, kind, confident, and quiet. They are very attentive to details and are focused on their goals. They are good-natured and carry an optimistic outlook. They can commit to too many places at the same time leading to burnout. So, in 2022, one suggestion will be to schedule restorative activities, and not adrenaline-pumping ones. Breathwork and meditation will be beneficial.

The Dragon

Dragons are typically balanced and healthy. They keep to their own wisdom. This year, use that wisdom and give priority to your health. Include more wellness and social activities such as hiking outdoors. Make exercise, diet, and sleep priorities.

The Snake

Snakes are intelligent, peaceful, graceful, charming, and quiet. They are also known to be mysterious. Snakes are some of the best natural empaths. As such, they are also great healers. There should be a time for renewal for snakes. Otherwise, stress and overstimulation can adversely affect them. Be careful about the seasons and adapt accordingly.

The Horse

Horses are energetic, brilliant, passionate, and free-spirited. They hate boredom and experience a range of emotions. This year, spending time with friends while outdoors should be how they satisfy their need for freedom and companionship.

The Sheep/Goat

Goats are resilient, sympathetic, gentle, and calm. They are easy to make friends with and usually love peace. In 2022, Goats should regularly visit the doctor and practice self-care. That will prevent seasonal colds.

The Monkey

Monkeys are carefree, curious, smart, and playful. They have a competitive streak and are easily jealous. For 2022, the wise thing will be to be attentive of their triggering emotions. Try and find a health routine that is consistent.

The Rooster

Roosters are proud, courageous, hardworking, and observant. They are leaders and hate following. They can also become easily defensive. Restorative sleep will be very important. You can try breathwork as well for controlling the nervous system.

The Dog

Dogs are generous, playful, and loyal. They make for great siblings and friends and need regular companionship. The first priority for this year is going to be yourself. Only then you can help others.

The Pig

Pigs are compassionate, humorous, generous, and lucky. They enjoy life and are attracted to fame and luxury. They are experts at making lemonades when handed lemons by life. Be consistent this year. Also, make a habit of progressing bit by bit to make a big change.

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