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These Eight Things A What A Woman Really Wants

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by Conscious Reminder

A number of pages were written about what women truly want, and several good films were devoted to the same subject as well.

Now, we can say that the real answer is quite near. Surprisingly, this is not something related to how influential, rich, muscular, and charismatic a man is.

Opposite of the common beliefs that women actually are irrational and illogical, they are quite conscious of the fact that men are not perfect, simply as women themselves aren’t.

Everything that women want comes down to these eight tips we will list below:

Women want the man’s time, not his money.

A lot of authors, when it comes to speaking about women, quickly assert that women consider expensive gifts unimportant. The thing actually is that money is not enough for them.

A lot of women don’t feel happy, despite the financial security and stability of their partners. We don’t say that money is not important to them. Women just need to be sure that they are something more important for their partner than all the money he makes.

Women want to be respected all the time, rather than expensive reservations.

Spending good time with their partner or their family will be quite important. If the man cannot afford to book an expensive holiday for their wedding anniversary, it would be even better.

However, what really matters to women is actually the way their partner treats them daily, not simply on some special occasions. A lot of long-lasting and harmonious domestic partnerships or marriages come as a result of mutual respect and trust.

The strength of perseverance.

A lot of men think that for women it is really important actually to have a successful partner by their side, but they are wrong.

What really matters for them is that their man tries hard in order to be successful. Women love their men for what they say, so several words of affection daily are going to make them feel satisfied with their partners.

A given promise is a kept promise too.

A man doesn’t need a psychology degree with a major in marriage counseling in order to understand how significant it would be to keep his promises to his partner or wife.

Every promise that a man keeps creates a strong feeling of reassurance and security in the woman. Both these factors were the top priority of every woman when it comes to relationships.

In health and in sickness.

Marriage vows contain many truths, so every person should take them seriously. It would be really important for a man to be by his partner or wife in hard times.

A man should attend and observe every family commitment or occasion, and also be the needed support of his wife, the one which she always wanted.

Men should be good listeners.

A well-known fact is that every woman loves talking and, consequently, most men don’t really listen to the things their important other is saying.

But, such behavior will not go unnoticed. Although she may not show it, she will always get upset, particularly when she notices that her man doesn’t really care, when it comes to listening to her.

Project confidence.

Confidence in her man is one thing which a woman can simply not resist. It is actually in the nature of a woman to always be guided, which means that she will subconsciously get attracted to someone that is a natural born leader.

A man should not have solutions for each problem which may arise. He should simply not permit her to notice he has not figured the things out yet. 

Showing their love is a process that never ends.

This is a point which sums up the rest of the factors we highlighted above. We can also say that it even synthesizes every conclusion we reached, and ultimately answer the question of what women really want. 

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