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Scorpio New Moon Rising November 4th: Sudden And Unexpected Changes

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by Conscious Reminder

Three archetypes collectively represent Scorpio – the Phoenix, the Scorpion, and the Eagle.

Each of them stands for different evolutions in our consciousness that we encounter as we work through Scorpio’s energy.

The 4th-5th November New Moon in Scorpio will make us contemplate the drastic transformations that have happened in our lives. All of us have at least experienced one event that has changed our lives and forced us to attain a wider perspective.

These metamorphic moments of our lives help us grow and become the person we are supposed to be.

This New Moon Will Be About Transformation

The New Moon in Scorpio stands for transformation. It can act as a catalyst as well if we are in the middle of any transformative phase. Shortly after the New Moon, the journey of metamorphosis may just proceed to the next stage.

The November New Moon will have the aim of inspiring change. So give a thought to what needs to be transformed and then set intentions accordingly. Work with this New Moon’s energy while being conscious of its ability to instigate change and shift.

Water rules Scorpio. The Moon also is usually very comfortable in watery signs. However, the energy of Scorpio can cause moodiness as well as unstable emotions and energy levels. New Moons have an association with retreating within.

Consequently, we might find ourselves exploring our minds and hearts’ darker corners. We might be unpacking our denser emotions grasped firmly inside our hearts.

The New Moon in Scorpio also has a theme regarding releasing shame. Shame lets us see our mistakes as symbols indicating that something is inherently incorrect in our present personality.

While this New Moon’s energies can lead us to darker thinking, breakthroughs can be inspired as well. This ray of light will let practice kindness, question, and contemplate about everything uncomfortable.

Keep in mind that being perfect is not a necessity for living a life of beauty. Allowing ourselves to be honest and kind with ourselves is the most important. All that is needed is to be compassionate towards and love ourselves even during our toughest times.

There is no need to repair everything. Feeling broken is alright since the truth that is higher states that we will always be whole.

Being Ashamed And Releasing Darker Emotions Will Shed Light

The New Moon energy can also be used to release any shame within us. It can happen via understanding, self-compassion, and just being present with everything coming up. If you want to you can use the New Moon’s moody energies to explore the shadow corners. Beautiful insights may be discovered.

Ultimately, the New Moon in Scorpio’s energy can be worked into being a catalyst that helps us navigate the bridge in between any transformations that we are presently moving through.

If we feel stagnant and stuck, or our lives are in a phase of “in-between-ness”, the New Moon in November will offer some motion to move forward. We should set our intentions and wait and see everything that should transpire in the approaching weeks.

The approaching New Moon might also shake up some of the emotions that are deep within us. As a result, undiscovered shames that may be grasped tightly within our hearts may be revealed.

We must love ourselves regardless of whatever may come up. We must try and see the gap between the failures we perceive and our true essence.

If you feel stuck and having trouble figuring out your true essence, then here is a clue: you are much more lovely, magnificent, and radiant than you can ever imagine or believe.

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