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Thank You For Existing

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

For this person you do not have to make any promises, turn your life up side down, change yourself completely or give them all the stars in the sky. 

Your sincere attention and presence is more than enough. And of course, they will unconditionally believe in your love without any proof of existence or stability.

There is no need for constant trying to keep the fire burning, for they are more than able to keep you feeling warm and safe because of the love they feel for you.

The thing is that if someone is not in love with you, they will keep digging out things about you that they don’t like or are annoyed with. Even the smallest thing will trigger their dissatisfaction.

Eventually they will start avoiding you, because what’s going to on between the two of you won’t be love but pure habit.

So, think well whether you want to spend your whole life justifying and living by other people’s expectations – and you will never achieve it in such circumstances.

Do you think it’s worth it to keep explaining your intentions and beating yourself for your flaws, because let’s face it, we are people and we all have them?

Don’t you think it’s better to be with someone who will be proud of you and takes you for who you are without tying to change you.

Because, once you make your flaws the center of your attention and give them significance, you simply start drowning in guilt.

There are no perfect people. There are only people we need around us – people we can’t live without . So be with a person who will be happy just because you’re next to them.

Someone who won’t put you down with their constant remarks, but keep you loved and happy by rewarding you with their gratitude and respect.

I wish you find this person very soon, and if you already have, keep them close and happy, because, don’t forget that this is a two way street. To receive, you have to give!

And once in a while say:”Thank you for existing, my love!”

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