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Astrology Rates The Sun Signs From Most To Least “Dangerous”

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by Conscious Reminder

Every sign of the Zodiac has its positive and also negative traits; however, some of the traits make some of them more dangerous than the others.

Here are the signs of the Zodiac ranked from the most dangerous one to the least dangerous one:


The people born under this sign may be more dangerous than others in many ways. These people are shallow, prepared to do everything they feel they have to do. When in their truest forms, they can become really violent. They are dangerous, and they are going to tear others apart. We should not underestimate them.


In fact, the people born under Cancer are extremely intense. They are really devoted to those they are with, which actually may mean that in many situations, they may become the stalker. When someone leaves them or tries to cut the ties with them, it will cost him or her more than he or she expected.


There is no person that would like to face wraths with the terrifying bulls. The people born under this sign can be quite set in their own ways, going to considerable lengths in order to ensure they get everything they want. They are going to finish everything that you aren’t prepared to.


Virgos are emotionless and cold, and when they want to be like that, it may be something horrific. They have the ability to say or do the evilest thing when they find the appropriate situation. Although they don’t show this side quite often, your best possible option would be to run away.


Sagittarians are excellent at lying. In fact, they have the ability to get away with something they are aware they should not. As they are really extreme and harsh, they can also be their own danger or the danger for those around them. Actually, they push their limits without being forced into.


Libras are quite dangerous in some ways which we are never going to expect. They really love dragging others down when their own ships start sinking. They are going to blame others more than they have to, depending on the situation.


Leos are kind and charming, drawing others in, no matter what they will push them to do in the end. They have some serious tempers and can’t stand to never get the way they want. Before you say “No,” to them, think twice.


The people born under this sign don’t want others to tell them what they should do. In fact, they are active and hardworking; however, when a person they consider not on their levels is trying to show himself or herself better than them, they are going to show their real colors.


Scorpios aren’t that dangerous like the other signs from above; however, they are talented when talking about breaking hearts. They have the ability, and they will leave others wishing they had never really met them. In fact, they love playing with other people’s hearts.


Capricorns are going to take much shit; however, when everything is done and said, they are going to do everything they feel has to be done. They have more positive traits; however, this does not make them angels. Capricorns can seriously manipulate other people too.


Although Pisceans are quite hot-headed, they aren’t a big threat at all. They might put themselves into messed up and seriously dangerous situations; however, they don’t jeopardize those around them quite often. In that aspect, they are often pretty easygoing.


Aquarians are people who are the least dangerous ones of all those from above. This is for many different reasons. However, the principal reason is actually that they prefer staying to themselves. They simply want others to leave them alone in order to live their lives. Forcing them to do some damage will be quite hard, almost impossible.

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