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Intuitive IQ – What Is It And How High Is Yours?

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by Conscious Reminder

Over the course of human history, seers, oracles, and sages have used their intuition to interpret the hidden deeper meanings within life’s events.

In every culture and era, the ones who had this “second sight” came to be their communities’ cornerstones as counselors, leaders, and healers.

Our lives and intuition are intimately entangled. We may know it as hunches, gut feelings, or something illogical and uncanny but a certainty in the knowing. In fact, even holistic providers of health such as nutritionists, neuropathic doctors, acupuncturists, and more all use intuition daily. It’s their “special something” that seems to draw in all their clients.

“Intuition” is derived from Latin intuitus which means “to contemplate or gaze at”. One definition of it describes it as a direct perception of the truth that is not dependent upon any process of reasoning. A theory exists that the process of the reasoning behind intuitive perceptions is absent to us because that process does not fall under the five senses we know so well. As such, it might truly be the “sixth sense”.

The Intuitive IQ Quiz

Here is a list of situations where you have to answer with OFTEN, SOMETIMES, or NEVER. Every time you answer OFTEN add 3 points. Similarly, for every SOMETIMES it is 2, and for every NEVER it is 1.

Here are the situations:

1. I follow up on my hunches regardless of their logicality.

2. Friends and family approach me to get personal advice and emotional support.

3. The eye of my mind shows me intuitive images.

4. My intuition talks through sounds, phrases, or quiet words.

5. My creativity feels like it originates from “a different place”.

6. I automatically end up with answers to questions that have been in my mind after waking up from sleep.

7. My intuition has helped me avoid dangerous or scary situations.

8. I get a hint of happiness or optimism before something positive happens.

9. I get a hint of worry or foreboding before something negative happens.

10. I know when a loved one is facing distress before I am told or hear about it.

11. People wonder about my ability to make definite decisions even when I don’t have complete information.

12. I can sense a room or a building’s energy when I enter it for the first time.

13. I have an impeccable “lie detector” within me.

14. I get answers to questions about my life during prayer, meditation, or while quietly contemplating.

15. I get inexplicable flashes or hits of insight.

16. I trust in my hunches and gut feelings while making decisions.

17. I can sense other people’s physical pain and/or emotions.

How Many Points Did You Score?

Here is a rough estimate of your intuitive IQ:

17 points: You are a beginner at using intuition. You may have never used it in the above situations but it is never too late to start using it.

18 to 28 points: Your intuition is developing. Your trust in your intuition is slowly building as you have already seen it guide you in life on occasions. It might be on and off now, but you can strengthen it further.

29 to 39 points: You do not shy away from acknowledging your intuitive side. You also feel in sync with the compass within you. Your intuition might be helping you to build connections with other people and/or successfully go after life or career goals. Keep being attentive to the intuitive messages.

40 to 51 points: You know of people who are amazed by your intuitive abilities because it is no less than a gift. You likely use it very frequently as you navigate through life. You might also have some inkling about the mission or purpose of your life. It might have something to do with the betterment and healing of humanity.

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