Educated Empaths! You Are Narcissists’ Worst Nightmare


by Conscious Reminder

Well, I think it is time to share with you a fact that I came to know about a few days ago. Now, I warn you, this might really shock you because it shocked me too.

So, get ready…

Do you know who is the smartest among narcissists, empaths and sociopaths?

Well, empaths.

Shocking, right?

The thing is that empaths have a hard time when they are around narcissists and sociopaths. It is basically because empaths are so emotional that they easily get influenced and manipulated by the narcissists and sociopaths. This also happens because empaths are full of kindness and the other people around them tend to use them for their own benefits.

A lot of people believe that narcissists and sociopaths are intelligent. This belief comes out from the idea that both of these groups can handle people well and get whatever they want to from people. But, the empath has something different than the narcissist and the sociopath.

And this something ‘different’ makes empath hold a vantage position because not everyone has what an empath has.

Do you know what that is?

Well, empaths have a perspective to look at the world that others lack. This perspective cannot be learnt or taught to anyone. Empaths naturally look at the world in a different way; with creativity, kindness and understanding.

It is because of their perspective that empaths can outsmart the narcissists and the sociopaths.

Empaths also have innate belief in morality that makes them stronger in character than the sociopaths or the narcissists. And, oh, there is one emotion that is above all; which is that empaths have Hope. And Hope is such a powerful emotion. The feeling of hope gives positivity to empaths and that makes them way stronger in character than the sociopaths or the narcissists.

Another good thing about empaths is their resilience and the way they deal with everything and every emotion in a calm, composed and intricate way. They don’t go through the same emotion but they are as worried as the person who is going through that emotion.

Now, the place where empaths get defeated by narcissists and sociopaths is the fact that when empaths are used or manipulated, they silently take it all on themselves. They don’t fight back or react to what sociopaths or narcissists say to them. They take it all in and accept that this is the way of the world.

While we believe that getting back at someone is not the respectable or dignified way to deal with a problem, we also believe that it is high time that empaths learn to stand up for themselves. They need to tell the sociopaths and the narcissists that they have had enough and they aren’t going to take any more. Empaths need to fight back.

I have also seen that empaths who fight back feel guilty about it. Well, if you are empath, don’t feel guilty about fighting back. You take so much of this world’s emotions and problems, you deserve to be loved and respected.

Always remember that!

Love and Light! 

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