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How To Make The Mercury Retrograde On July 7th Work In Your Favor

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

While we are focusing on something bad right now, the retrograde of the planet Mercury is about to come.

Thinking of this time means thinking of miscommunication, electronic failing, and things going wrong. But, the truth about all that is that this retrograde will be something good.

We should think of the retrograde in this particular way: the planet Mercury is Zodiac’s trickster. Usually, we tend to focus on bad things.

However, we should stop doing that right now. Yes, we said something we were not supposed to say, or our ex appeared all of a sudden. However, we should think about what these lessons teach us.

We should take the needed time in order to understand that we are our own boss. We should start teaching ourselves about light and courage. Also, we should understand that when we said something that was impulsive to toxic friends, maybe it was the right time to do that.

We are not supposed to use this particular time in order to spew hatred or say something to those we love and care for. Rather than that, we should try spinning things in positive ways.

We should not put others down because this will only highlight our dark side and our weakness. The retrograde of Mercury is on its way, and it will be the time to stop pitting ourselves and behave as victims in these lives.

We are supposed to focus on something that we are able to do. What are the things that we can change? What are the plans we should put into action?

Although it sounds simple, the planet Mercury is calling us to truly express ourselves. Regardless of how daunting that sounds, we are never going to be happy unless we do that.

We should show courage, and also our ability to showing authority, without doing something that will hurt others. We should learn how to use our strengths.

However, we should also remember to be careful not to harm other people with our words. The retrograde of the planet Mercury is going to give the way to actions and words which will be impulsive, but right now, it will not be the right time for them.

Right now, it will be the time for practicing control. Learning how to control ourselves, observe ourselves, and move ahead with our energy rather than against it would be the lesson we should learn.

If we already spoke in harmful ways to someone else, now it will be the right time to finally gain control. We should apologize, and also make everything right.

We should learn from ourselves and keep moving forward. The planet Mercury has many things to show us, but are we prepared to listen?

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