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Discover Your Magical Journey

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Every person experiences their magic in a different way but it is not easy to figure out whether you are on the right path.

But no matter what kind of journey you undertake, if your goals are ethical, if you avoid evil spirits and honour the wishes of others, you will find enlightenment.

Finding your way

Explore the various kinds of magic and listen to your intuition. Allow your Guardian Angel to show you the way. You can also perform this spell to learn more about your journey.

Stairway to Heaven

On a Full Moon night, go to a quiet place where you will not be disturbed by anyone. Burn some incense which has the ability to inspire. You can also perform the Power Awakening Spell along with the following steps.

1. Meditation

Seat yourself in a way that is comfortable for you and enter a state of calm. Do the Hatha Yoga Breathing Exercise to bring your Chakras into harmony.

2. Lotus Mudra

Bring your hands into the Lotus Mudra to allow yourself to communicate with the highest of spiritual planes.

3. Visualize

Picture stairs starting from your location and leading to Heaven where Love and Light reign supreme. A place of total freedom, this is where you may create through the strength of your intention alone.

4. Intention

Focus all your thoughts on learning about your journey towards the top of the stairs. Keep telling yourself that this is what you wish to find till you are prepared.

5. Climb to Heaven

Imagine yourself climbing the stairs at a pace that does not tax you. Stay attentive so that you don’t miss anything during the climb. This will also heighten the ritual and enhance its power.

6. Heaven’s Realm

When you reach the top, immediately note what catches your eye first as that will help you answer your question. Stay awhile and communicate with the spirits you will meet there and express your gratitude to them. After this, walk back with the same speed.

7. Interpretation

Note down everything you saw and felt in your Book of Shadows and work on interpreting your experience.

How to analyse your journey

Here are a few examples of what your journey might be like based on the things that first caught your eye.

The four elements – They will be the source of your powers and you will excel in elemental magic.

Tree or plant – Becoming a Druid might be your destiny. Try to find out what the plant or tree signifies.

Symbols – Does the symbol instinctively mean something to you? Read more about it.

Animal – What kind of animal was it and what did it say to you? You might have also met your totem animal.

Arcane tools – Ranging from a cup to a wand, these tools indicate that you will be a practitioner of ceremonial magic.

Divination Tools –If you saw tarot cards or crystal balls, you might have the ability to prophesize.

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