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5 Methods Of Improving Your Love Life Using Feng Shui

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by Conscious Reminder

Feng Shui works with the direction of Chi – a kind of energy that has both mental and physical effects. It is different from spirituality or superstition.

Just because we cannot see it, does not mean it is non-existent. However, Chi is easier to identify if we use other examples. For example, in houses, the water flow can get obstructed due to leakages or it can flow smoothly. In our body, Chi behaves in a similar manner.

It is the desire of many to have someone with them, someone they can trust and love. However, many fail to find this connection successfully. Feng Shui has the power to set your vibration to an appropriate frequency that will let you find the proper relationship.

There are quite a few factors that affect the relationship between our lives and love energy. Feng Shui can balance these energies and let your life attract happiness and true love.

Here are 5 effective and efficient tips that are believed to be the best at balancing the love energy:

1. Create A Harmonized Room

The first step to improving the love life is harmonizing the environment. Love energy can only be attracted by a harmonized and balanced environment. Select an environment inside your home where you can practice Feng Shui and keep it organized accordingly. Bedrooms are particularly effective at drawing love.

2. Make An Altar For Relationships

The second step involves using the space you chose last time. In this space, pay attention to the upper right side. This side corresponds with affections and love relationships. Create a minimalistic altar to love in this part of the space. On the altar, place items favoring love, romance, and peace. Altars are unique to the person who creates them as everyone has different objects signifying love and happiness. Some common examples are red, white, or pink flowers; pictures of couples happily in love, small red hearts; lilac or rose quartz crystals; and red or white candles.

3. Make The Environment Aromatic

An environment that is harmonized and has a relationship altar gains much more vibration intensity if paired up with essences and aromas that stimulate romance. Examples are sandalwood, roses, ylang-ylang essential oils, candles, and incense.

4. Browse The Love Energy On The Altar

The next step is focusing all the love energy within you on this relationship altar. Pray for new love or an improvement in your devotion and love for gods and saints. You may even perform love spells, imagine being a loved one, or think about activities that you would do with a loved one. Imagine love energy surrounding you.

5. Be Ready To Share Your Life With Someone Else

It is futile to want love if you do not like sharing your life with another person. A lot of the time, love does not take place just because we do not make space for it. If you are known to be selfish, then that can definitely be a major cause why you do not find love.

Try to think about the last instance when you were willing to unconditionally give and love. Holding grudges can be another reason keeping you from love. If you like to have a cup of coffee outside but refuse to enjoy it with someone else, that can be an act of self-isolation.

Not sharing your sad or glorious moments means you are tending towards being a loner. At the same time, if you are all too eager to please the people surrounding you so that they are happy and feel loved, then your vibrating frequency is incorrect.

Love exists everywhere, even in the smallest of gestures. Try to always be loving and you will find love energy coming to you on its own!

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