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4 Ways To Tap Into Your Sixth Sense

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Throughout our lives we are used to relying on just our five senses to survive. We often forget that we have another, deeper one, the sixth sense which is our intuitive and psychic capabilities.

The ability to tap into the sixth sense is present in all of us but we need to acknowledge and strengthen it to be able to use it. Here’s how you can do that.

1. Find your balance

If you allow one of your senses to control all the others, it will be difficult to maintain the balance you’ll need to access your sixth sense.

Remove all external and internal disturbances, calm your mind and try to link yourself to the invisible energy of the universe. Do not concentrate on any of your other senses.

Concentrate on what you’re feeling but don’t try to make sense of those feelings. This can help wake up the energies that reside inside you.

2. Commune with nature

Millennia ago, when all humans were still nomads, they were extremely attuned to their sixth sense because it was essential for their survival. Luckily this lost knowledge can be regained.

Whenever you enter a room, stop and try to get a sense of the energy in along with the energy of the people in it. You will start to see things you hadn’t noticed before.

Communicate with nature often. Concentrate on the beauty and scent of your favorite flower and the joy it brings to you when you see it. Let nature inspire you and widen your awareness.

3. Maintain a dream diary

Sometimes you may receive messages in your dream even if you don’t understand them at that time. To gain access to this fountain of knowledge, keep a dream log and write in it first thing every day.

If you manage this for two to three weeks, you will begin to see patterns you’ve never noticed before.

4. Develop your intuitive muscle

Your sixth sense will develop if you pay heed to your intuition. Like any other muscle, it needs training to become stronger.

Begin by letting your intuitive powers dictate small decisions in your daily life. Try and do this a few times each day.

You will slowly become sure of your intuition and you will be able to let it guide you every time you’re at an important crossroad.

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