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How To Deal With Stress And Anxiety Caused By Coronavirus

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by Conscious Reminder

The quarantine has been quite a stressful phase already, even though it is for our benefit.

Being locked inside all day can get a bit claustrophobic, especially to people already suffering from mental disorders.

Also, with the ever-growing fear of actually contracting the disease, we have to deal with being cooped up in our rooms for far too long.

For a huge amount of the population, the very uncertainty of whether or not one has contracted the virus is a tangible fear. As it stands, there are few clear demarcations between common flu and coronavirus. So, even the lamest of coughs can incite fear into the minds of people everywhere.

Jobs are taking a hit, education is taking a hit- simply because we don’t know anything about us contracting the disease or shrugging it off.

Be Informed But Don’t Let The News Become An Obsession

To prevent that from cropping up, you need to keep yourself abreast of the news. Check major news channels that would bring in information from WHO and other reliable sources.

Interestingly, there is also a lot of misinformation being spread around – so, be careful regarding the information you receive. You might be baited into rumors and lies, which can harm your already flagging mental health. 

Control What You Can

In this period of turmoil, we know you will be heavily invested in finding answers to the many questions thrown around. There is a constant upheaval of social hierarchy, as things and people are getting displaced continuously.

In that scenario, maybe looking for global solutions or complicated answers isn’t the answer. You need to be looking out for your own self, and there are a lot of things that you can do.

See, it is quite useless to think that you could control or regulate the outbreak of the disease in your locality. Instead, focus more on helping yourself and your family. You need to follow through the procedures and maintain personal hygiene regularly.

Don’t Lose Your Focus — This Is Not A Vacation

Don’t sit idle, start planning. Even though things like work and school look quite uncertain at the moment, this doesn’t mean you need to panic and lose focus. Yes, everything is very scary, but working (from home if possible) and staying proactive will definitely help you cope with the stress and anxiety.

I suggest you concentrate on the solutions rather than the problems you are facing. Write down what worries you and what you can do to help or fix it. Solutions don’t have to be perfect. Brainstorm. It will come to you when you least expect it.

It’s Actually Physical Distancing, Not Social 

Everyone, but mostly the youth needs to understand the consequences of their actions at this particular juncture. It has been found that, while young people might not show the symptoms of this virus, they can still be carriers of it.

And, because of their active lives and bustling social interactions, young adults are most likely to spread the Coronavirus unknowingly. This is where physical distancing comes into the picture.

But, physical distancing can be hard. Humans, by nature, are social beings, and simply need to be in the company of other people. To most of us, it probably feels impossible to go without physical contact and nothing to do for months.

But physical distancing doesn’t mean you should cut all communication. After all, we do have the technology and the internet, right? Chats, calls, videos – the choice is limitless.

In the 15th century, this would have been impossible. But in the present generation, physical distancing shouldn’t be a problem. We have the internet at our disposal – we use social media every single point of our lives.

Here are my two cents. Don’t make Coronavirus center of every conversation. We still have our lives and most of our daily routines can go uninterrupted. Take a break from negative and stressful thoughts.

Read that book you bought last summer and never found the time to do it. Have a dance party for ten minutes every day. Here’s your chance to dance like nobody’s watching! Make that casserole that takes 4 hours to prepare but it’s finger-licking delicious. You can also pamper yourself a bit but having a foaming aromatic bath two times a week – grab a glass of wine (or a bottle) and send away all the anxiety and stress.

So, are we really isolating ourselves from people in every sphere? No. This is simply physical isolation, and nothing more.

At this point, we need to learn to protect and thank our body for being what it is. One needs to be kind to oneself and take proper care. Eat healthy, exercise, sleep well, read, write, do anything that makes you happy.

For when you are surrounded by four walls throughout the day, you need something to keep you happy.

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