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Science Says Having Kick-Ass Female Friends Can Improve Your Health

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by Conscious Reminder

The connection of people is far more significant now than it was ever before.

In this age of technology, we can say that we are better connected, but in fact disconnected – literally, we have the entire world in our hands, but it does not mean that we are healthier or happier because of that.

For example, for women, it is quite essential to connect with the community. There are a lot of pleasures on every one of us for being perfect or doing everything that we are usually left to feel inadequate, as well as comparing the achievements we made – also, how we dress, feel or look – to the ones of our friends that is definitely not a recipe of happiness.

But, putting everything away from the judgments we have and accepting the differences between us, we will also have the ability to support, empower, as well as uplift each other, being the real ‘WE.’ Spending some time with women, no matter if they are old or young actually has an unbelievable effect on our health.

Lower stress levels.

The major stress hormone in our body is Cortisol. It gets released when feeling overwhelmed or anxious. This can actually occur temporary, such as when arguing with a spouse, or permanently, when dealing with some stressful work. This is actually called the “fight-or-flight” stress response, and for a lot of years, some researchers believed this had been the only one mechanism for response to stress. However, some new researches showed that a second mechanism exists, which is especially for women, and which is named “the tend and befriend” system.

This additional response is actually activated when women have the ability to work their nurturing part, such as when they spend some time with kids or families, meeting a peer or spending some time in the company of women to whom they are connected.  Such activities can actually stimulate the oxytocin release, which is joining hormone that impedes the releasing of the stress hormone and also helps in calming our nervous system.

So, when you spend some time with encouraging women, it is going to increase the resilience of stress, as well as soothe the nervous system.

Makes your stay more motivated

Every one of us knows what he or she is supposed to do when taking in consideration exercising and eating healthy; however, it sometimes cannot be that easy. But, you should call a friend when you are not motivated enough, rather than feeling some guilt about that. 

The hormone of connection, oxytocin, will be helpful in stimulating dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter which works the inside reward system, as well as motivates us to explore, achieve some psychological goodness or learn new things. And about behavior, it will be not so difficult to make some better decisions as we wish to, instead of feeling the need of having to, the exact thing in which dopamine is helpful.

Makes you more compassionate – for other people and for yourself

When some women get together, something majestic occurs, particularly those women going through almost the same health journey. Sometimes, we find it easy to make a comparison between ourselves and other people, but the reality is that there no perfect person, and every one of us has some aspects for health which we have problems with.

Usually, we think that success is, in fact, when we reach our purposes. However, reaching them is not an easy journey. One particular thing which is an obstacle, in this case, is social media. We can see the photos of before or after, but how, in fact, our life looks in between?

Meeting with friends will remind us that every one of us is on its journey of health. The road from A to B is not always straight – we consume healthy foods, mess up, or come back to the train of a healthy life. When we listen to other people about how they progress, as well as overcome problems is unbelievably empowering, as it will remind us that we can actually achieve all that we want to.

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