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This Is Why Empaths Draw Abusive & Unstable People Close To Them And How To Stop It

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

An empath really likes to help other people. He or she always tries to see everything good in others. He or she gives others the benefits of doubts.

An empath will take responsibility for his or her actions, and then apologize when he or she finds out that someone is hurt because of them. According to the beliefs of empaths, others are decent, fair, and really good as well.

However, those are not always good things. An empath will run into some problems when he or she connects with other people who actually have their motives, goals, and behavior patterns, which will be entirely unfamiliar to them.

Also, the need for power, money, or attention may drive them. They will put their needs before the needs of everyone else.

They do not apologize as they do not think that they do something they should apologize for. When a person is hurt during the time when they get what they really want, that would be the price those people have to pay to do business.

While not every person is a psychopath, narcissist, or sociopath, it will not hurt if we approach every one of them with equal caution.

When our empathic selves become involved with some of these people, being our potential friend, partner, coworker, boss or a member of our family, we are setting ourselves up to actually be misused, abused, or treated badly, in general.

What is the sad reality about all this?

An empath attracts other people as he or she is not just taking responsibility for himself or herself, but he or she is inclined to actually take more responsibility for others and for all those relationships he or she is in.

When empaths believe that other people are angry, upset, hurt, or abusive as a result of something that they did or did not do, they are going to take the responsibility to fix it.

Empaths are effectively going to absolve other people of all the responsibility for everything they did by simply blaming themselves.

Other people will be more than satisfied and happy to permit them to do all that. Even at times when they will confront their bad behavior patterns, they are going to twist everything that occurred around, so that the empaths will be the one to blame.

Empaths should learn the following lessons:

  • They aren’t responsible for the feelings of someone else;
  • They are not always the ones to blame;
  • They aren’t the only people who have the responsibility to “fix” a relationship;
  • They are never going to understand why other people treat them badly unless they understand that: Those people are not like them. Those people aren’t nice people, and they don’t feel any responsibility for their behaving, and they aren’t fixable.

When empaths will resign from their self-assigned places and positions as the Universe’s managers, and make other people responsible for something, they will not attract those other people anymore.

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